Hey Thirty

It’s thirty

and I’m thirsty

Spent so much of my energy

I’m happy

To have met thee

NaPoWriMo, ya gat me

But life goes on

Beyond your call

Now all I have to do is roll on

Keep writing Ceezy

Go beyond sweet thirty

Keep the juices

Flowing, freely

Write, create, think

No need to blink

This is your link

Write on, play on,

Create new things for


So Thirty, hey 30,

I appreciate thee

Thanks to all of you

Who walked from one to 2

All the way to 20

Clinging up till 30.

Stick with me,

Beyond my today’s thirty.

Hey Thirty…:)

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2 thoughts on “Hey Thirty

    • Hey there, forgive me for taking this long to respond.
      Thank you for the comment and for appreciating the art.
      NaPoWriMo means National Poem Writing Month. :)

      That was my challenge all throughout April to write a poem daily. I did it. :)

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