I havE met many and Lost Many – still I walk

It's the evening of Pentecost Sunday, on the heels of bearing my heart to a patient pair of ears, with Game 2 of basketball finals blaring in the living room I am couched. Keep walking Ceez Amidst my desire to follow the game's development, there is a wayward mind intruding. Selfishly, it triggers emotions, thoughts, … Continue reading I havE met many and Lost Many – still I walk

Let Me Write It With & / For You!

Most recently, someone sought my service to prepare a CV and Letter of Application, and was so satisfied with the quality and timely delivery of the documents, I was encouraged to consider offering these services as a small business to people who may need it.

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I would like to take the opportunity share with all of you this opportunity to acquire both books in e-book (kindle) formats at a fairly discounted price as of Wednesday 21st October, to Tuesday 27th October, 2020.