A bit of my Nature Isle


I took this photo on my way from work, passing on the back road (Guillette/Penville).  I find it extremely green and beautiful.

Being called the Nature Island of the Caribbean, this is the greenery you will find in Dominica.  What does that have to do with Anything?

I think we all have an aspect of us that craves the “little-things” in life, which are actually bigger than us in some ways.  Nature, creation,

mountains, valleys, trees, shrubs, dirt, and other forces of nature have a way of reminding us of how small and frail we are.

While we can enjoy them I think we should, for we are not here forever.  Though she can be mean, nature is so sweet.

Enjoy the “big, little things” of your life.  Mark you, I am still learning to do so.  🙂

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