Thank you

A day filled with interesting weather changes – today (well more like yesterday officially), was traumatic. Following the news, getting constant updates on the weather here has been unnerving to say the least. We live in Tornado area, though I must say, Thank God for protection.

While we got just some rain, strong winds and dusty conditions through the dry wind spell, many around us got battered by several bad storms. I offer or extend prayers for those affected.
Still, there is life and I am grateful to the merciful God.

As far as protection from these storms…all I can say at present is hmmmm…let us just pray that no storms come our way while we are asleep, or even within the vicinity of where we currently live. God knows the details of this situation.

In a nutshell I say “Thank YOU Lord.”

—Then I say thanks to each of you who continue to visit my blog.
—Please leave me a comment on any posts here.
—That would be totally appreciated.
—This is really what I wanted to say…Thank YOU.
—And for those of you who have taken the poll, thanks a million.

—I will keep writing and blogging here so keep checking back.
—God bless each of you..

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