Connect to God through Nature

It’s easy to forget who made this beauty, – but today I pause to just say: I worship the creator of such beauty in my homeland. Connect with nature, that it may connect you to your Father in heaven…:)

Ever so often, we are awed by the wonders of creation itself.  The fact that it is so beautiful often takes our breath away.  How about remembering the book of Genesis and the creation story?  He made them all and on the seventh day, He rested…

God made this beautiful wonder, by controlling the elements of nature.  This is a view of the village of Soufriere from aboard a boat, where we took some students from the Roosevelt Douglas Primary School on what was called a floating classroom.  It was a wonderful day, and we got to see so many dolphines and whales in the waters of Dominica.

Again, God made it all for us to enjoy, but never forgetting that the enjoyment should send forth all glory to HIM.  Thanks be to God.

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