Why Should I Take Summer Classes?

Who likes summer school? Maybe some people really do. As for me? The truth is, I really don’t like that I have to be doing, or taking classes while some of my friends are hanging out. 🙂

I would rather have nothing of significance, or obligation to undertake during a time when all I crave is the beach, fresh air, the mountains, the rivers, sweet chirping sounds of Caribbean birds, mangoes, “Ital”(Caribbean creative foods by the bay on a regular summer day (my personal definition)), and just good friendly familiar company delighting in life’s simplicities.

But, duty calls, and I must endure these few more classes before I can call it a day on the pursuit of the degree I have long wanted. Yet, as I draw closer to the end, the ever popular “senioritist”(A sort of complex that university seniors suffer from when drawing closer to completing a degree. A certain type of fatigue which often results in lethargy, or negligence toward school work – my personal definition)is taking its toll on me as well, thereby compounding the challenge of hanging on to getting good grades, and being a good student. Still I must do it!

So, off I go to class each day, waking up early enough to get to the 8:00am class, because 2 lates according to the syllabus, equates one absent, and three absences equate a letter grade drop. How horrific for a summer class. 🙂 Still I must do it..

Hopefully, you are getting the picture, but let me warn you that it is not all bleak. Summer classes can actually be fun too. I like that there are less students on campus, less traffic, though not very visible (unless one pays attention to such nitty-gritties), professors seems a tad more relaxed, and tolerant of us students in their mannerism and even dress codes, classes though long, are actually shorter in context, or in comparison to attending so many classes during a regular semester, and even more, one can gain their credits in a shorter time.

I like when summer classes are over, I can revisit my degree-plan, and can cross out those courses which were lingering on there too long – undone. 🙂 Yes, summer school can be dreary, but it can also be fun. It can be hard listening to a professor for 2 and three hours, but it’s less days to see them overall. I like that! Summer school has the power to shorten one’s stay at university in a significant way. Who wants to spend 4 long years doing a degree they could actually do within 2.5 or 3 years? Some people may even be able to shorten that time-frame. In a few cases, one can capitalize on scholarship funds by taking those summer classes too. Who doesn’t need a scholarship assistance these days to get through their studies? I know I do. So, still I must take summer classes.

So, though it can be painful, demanding, in some cases more expensive, and harder for a student to feel motivated to get the work done, doing classes during summer is highly beneficial. If you can, I suggest you do it. Yes, take summer classes – & get the work done, – you won’t regret it.

Blessings & much success as you pursue your goals my fellow University students here, there and everywhere. And just in case you are not a Univ. student, please share these thoughts with one you know. Thank you 🙂

16 thoughts on “Why Should I Take Summer Classes?

  1. After reading this, i think i might re consider taking classes for the next session.

    1. Thank you Royaltykp for your comment. I sure hope you will, even if it means doing one class. You will certainly see the benefit :). Come again.

  2. While I respect your view point,summer school is anything but fun. T But,the pay off of graduating in less times, makes it seem worthwhile.

  3. Hey Joy, in and of itself summer school does look daunting. But, we both see benefits thus the need to take advantage of them when we can. It is from that context that I think it can be fun, where students can look at it from the perspective of positivity. But, I certainly respect your perspective coming from your own experience. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read and commenting. Come anytime 🙂

  4. Girl we have no choice here, in the two years we have summer classes is a MUST. We are doing three courses, It is 15 weeks work in 8 weeks and I am over worked right now, but I am happy that it will soon be over. We were all praying that they would have given us the harder courses during this time so that we would see less of the lecturer and hoping that the syllabus will never be completed…LOL. Complete or not we would still have to complete it on our own in the 8 weeks.
    We say the same thing here in respect to the amount of students on the compound. It is peaceful and we are having fun.
    Good luck to you, I still have one more year to get this degree and might fall into another one this year as well. I’m taking advantage of the opportunities that I never had.

    1. Sandy, I like your attitude and spirit. I think it is awesome. Stay positive, stay focused – I like to say “you’ve gat this.” 🙂
      Where are you based? Wherever you are, make the best of it ok. Thank you for reading and visiting the blog. Stay Blessed

  5. My Dear Caeza hold on to God’s unchanging hands my dear. I can definitely relate to that experience you are having at this juncture and i deeply empathize with you. Keep your eyes on the prize my dear and keep this well written doc as a daily mantra as to why summer schooli s wonderful. ” Senioritist” believe it or not in 2004 I wrote a paper while completing my under-grad in 2004 on this coined term. I wish i could find the paper or had patented the term. You would have to pay royalties to me now for using it 🙂 smilez. Your definition is untouchable my dear! You are one heck of a writer, i know where i should forward my docs for proofing, deal:-)

    1. Hey Linthia, you have me turning colors here, fully blushing..:) But on a real, I totally appreciate your sharing your experience. I often think of forerunners like you as motivation for me. So, thank you soul-sister. Stay wonderful ok. Keep reading 🙂

  6. Well said my friend, such rationale makes for a convincing debate. Many a days, my struggle for such motivation came from looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, so I definitely concur. Keep on keeping on, this too shall pass.

    1. Heddie,
      You too are a motivation. Thank you for being that for me and others you encounter. I am going to keep my eyes on the prize, after all it was pricey :).
      Take care lady..:)

    1. Thank you very much. I am happy you see value in it. Do visit again and wishing you all the best toward the end of this degree.

      God bless

  7. I like the attitude and the motivation. Keep your focus on what u want in life. Strive always for excellence. With a strong mind and determination you can master it all.

  8. Your comments are definitely motivating too. Thank you:)
    Take good care and I wish you all the best in your
    future endeavors.

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