Today, I am thinking and feeling like I am totally “Inundated.”   This word has played on my mind for a few days now, but particularly since my recent heightened usage of the internet for educational purposes.  We must be grateful for the multitude of information that is out there in cyberspace.  Everywhere subject you are interested in, or anything word you type into a browser can bring you a wealth of information – often more than you desire.  With such wealth at our fingertips, gratitude is in order for its existence.  Yet, sometimes too much is just too much, and it hurts our heads.  We can never read all the information thrown at us.  There emerges inundation.

The first known use of the word, inundate was in 1590.  It is of Latin origin, and stems from the word inundatus, as a past participle of inundare from in- + unda (wave) – more at water.  Inundate is defined as: “to cover with a flood: Overflow or overwhelm.” 

This expression has come alive over the past week, with me juggling the requirements of my personal life, while trying to build into something meaningful.  Along with that, I have been making a considerable effort trying to learn how to properly utilize   Twitter is proving to be a wonderful tool of knowledge for me, and most certainly I am grateful.  But, I have to say, it certainly has contributed to this recent feeling as well.

So why am I feeling so inundated?  I think it is because when I visit I see a long thread of tweets on my homepage.  But isn’t this the nature of twitter?  Thus, that should be expected.  The thing is, these tweets, spur my interest to the extent where I feel like I want to read them all, or click on most of the links offering some sort of knowledge, or opportunity.  But, in reality, that would probably take me a long time.  Then, there are the tweets that I receive directly on my phone where there are usually an exorbitant number of them awaiting my viewing.  Mark you, the majority of tweets directed to my phone is important and interesting.  Then, inundation holds me again, because there is no way I am going to get through reading all the information coming at me on this android.  My phone after all is still limited in its capacity, so though I often follow some links via this medium, most of my reading is done using a computer.  This too, can complicate the matter.

On the computer, twitter is one, then there is facebook, personal emails, blogs that I want to develop, and just the basic catching up on past events (news / shows) using the computer.  With such demand for my attention, how do I cope?    Inundation is the result, and if not controlled can spiral into frustration, depression and who knows, maybe even a feeling of hopelessness.  I personally don’t want to get to such a low point.

Somehow, I don’t think I am alone in this predicament.  Maybe many of you have felt overwhelmed at just having to focus on more than one thing at any given time?  Multi-tasking, with several opened pages on the computer, trying to get more than one thing done at the same time can cause inundation.   I call it craziness, but isn’t that what is required in order to stay on top of everything?  Can we really be effective or efficient in that way?  These questions are lurking right now, as I seek new ways to deal with this feeling of being inundated.

Having given this some thought, I have concluded that the following should help me cope.

  1. Just like I can filter what emails I want to go to my inbox, a folder, or straight to junk mail, I should think about filtering which tweets I want to hit my phone.
  2. Review the content of the people I follow on twitter, and evaluate whether it is necessary to have their tweets come to my phone prior to deciding.
  3. Create meaningful “lists” on twitter.  Making those which pertains to my interests or niche be the ones that hit my phone, since I won’t want to miss pertinent and timely information.
  4. Focus on one matter at a time, making sufficient time for each important online activity.
  5. Waste no time on facebook.  I realize the use of facebook can be a sucker of time, and if I am not careful, it can certainly distract my focus.  So, the best thing is, when I need to focus on my reading, research, or other forms of usage of the computer without distraction, I should put facebook to rest.  Just don’t log in, or just log off.  That calls for discipline, but why should we let anything online control us?  WE have the ability to override any distraction online.  🙂
  6. Take time to be quiet.  I know I like listening to soft background music while using the computer, but there are times when I just can’t stand it.  Failure to turn the music off when it is really needed is likely to result in that feeling of inundation.  So, spend time in the school of silence.
  7. Create a to-do list, and then prioritize it.  Follow that list ardently while using computer.  Do not procrastinate.
  8. Take control of what you want to do online, avoid distractions and stay focused on your goal.

With some effort, these can be achieved.  Now, let me get on it, and surprise myself over and over again.  “Procrastination and inundation move aside, make room for productivity! – Yeah :)”

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