(Why go on living?) – To Be; is a blessing!

Sometimes we go through life thinking, why should I go on? Many people are walking the face of the earth, with extremely heavy hearts and minds. Is there hope for them? Is there a reason to go on?
I remember calling a good friend one morning, only be to told, – “I was just contemplating ending my life.” The surprise which captured me, was strong, but I resorted to the one thing I knew to tell my friend.
There is hope, even when there seems not. Today my friend is alive, thank God. Has the struggles ended for that friend? Not at all, but life has taken new turns, which have thus far, led the individual to a greater sense of living, wholeness and perseverance.

Still, I know of others who are suffering from the hands of people they should be able to trust. They constantly labor to make it to the next day. Is there a reason for them to go on? What can we say to people suffering from the hands of parents, husbands, wives, boyfriends / girlfriends (lovers) who claim to love them? What do we say to the young man or woman who is being bullied daily because he or she is “different?” Is there a reason to still be alive? Why continue in such a cruel world?

I hate to say here that, many people have often contributed to their own pain, suffering, and frustration due to bad decisions. Others are constantly choosing to remain in their visibly hopeless situations, while having the means necessary to get out. Meanwhile, they cry and threaten to end their precious life in order to hopefully seek the attention of someone else. If that is the case, such a person is digging his or her own grave. If you can move, then move. You have the power, but you gave it away, – take it back.

Though I don’t hold all the answers, I dare say: YES – There are reasons to keep living. There are reasons to keep fighting for your life. There are reasons to go on.

Here are 3 solid reasons to keep on living:

1. God sees your pain, and knows them through and through and He values you. Matthew 6:25-35 assures you that you are more than the birds of the air and God knows your EVERY need. (Matthew 11:28-30). His yoke is easy and His burden is light. And He promises never to leave you nor to forsake you (even though sometimes you think he has) – God is not a man that He should lie, nor a son of man that he should change His mind. – (Numbers 23-19) He is a man of His words, trust him more today. YOU are Priceless!

2. As long as you have life there is hope. Try gratitude! Thank God for your circumstances, even if and when it is difficult. Kind of unrealistic right? I know it sounds that way, but try to count the many things in your life that you can be thankful for, and you may be surprised how much blessings surround you. Think of people, pets, nature, books, stories, the air, your ability to breathe, water, food, internet and the list goes on….Lately, I have begun a journal of gratitude as inspired by one of my favorite authors. When I feel most frustrated, hopeless, sad and like my life seems empty and alone, I go there, and write why I am grateful. It helps to transform my thoughts into positives.

3. Who is more important, the person who hurts you or you? You should be more important to yourself. Not in a snobbish sort of way, but in a way whereby, you learn to appreciate yourself first, in order to live to love others. Taking your life cannot solve the problem. Meanwhile, you would have handed the perpetrator of the your pain the keys to your sanity, the power over your life, and the means to live a happy life on earth without you. Do they deserve to live more than you? If you are tempted to say yes, I want to quickly tell you – NO! You deserve to enjoy the good in this life, just as much as this person. They don’t deserve your life. Cherish YOU today.

There must be other reasons, for I am certain I cannot exhaust all the millions of reasons why someone should keep on fighting for their life. Yet, these three seem pertinent. To BE,- (Alive) is a Blessing and to live is holy. Fear not, I have had my share of frustrations with this life, and who said it is over? Still, I choose Life TODAY!

I have chosen to share the following link with you. May you be inspired by it. God bless (Vocalist – your truely – CeezPaul) (please forgive the musical part :))

7 thoughts on “(Why go on living?) – To Be; is a blessing!

  1. i share ur views ms p. its useless to take ur life hopin to hurt another; bsides u wont be there to see whether the person was hurt or not. [ ironies of ironies i say]. whose gonna bring the news to u? my granny [God rest her soul ] would say the ants maybe.
    but we need to take one look at the life of Christ and see he too went through trials and his father our father was always with him. he himself promised to always be with us and to never leave us and his word is true. Positive words ms p. keep encouraging. jessi

  2. As I read along one word kept popping Forgiveness. I hope your friend knows the power of that word because it is the greatest form of love. And the one way you can truly let go

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