The Life!

Often we try to live an upbeat life, one where we feel like we are on top of the world, in a place where we can soar above life’s tragedies as if we’re untouchable. Then, you wonder, how realistic is that? You live in a place where everyone around you seems well adorned – they’ve got it all plus more. So you ask yourself, what is wrong with me? Why can’t I be like these people? Why it is my life is so much on the downturn? Can this be fair? Life sometimes sucks at such times. I mean isn’t that the phrase often used in an effort to describe “life”? Many circumstances give us that final determination. One famous predicament is in times when we try to be accepted by people who never will appreciate us. Too often we try to belong in places where belonging is a foreign word. The only choice we have really is to dig deep, and start belonging to ourselves.

You see, as my life unfolds I increasingly realize that, once it seems like I am losing everything, I need to dig deep into myself to find what I can hold on to. A famous line from one of my favorite singers Tracy Chapman says it all: in the final analysis “All that you have is your soul.” We must embrace the soul which is at core, irremovable and overly valuable. Yet is that easy? How easy is it to dig deep? How hard is it to find that which lies at the human core? Where are the answers to finding that safe zone? Who holds the map?

Someone once said, “on our knees we stand the tallest,” and I think that is where we can reach God. Well, once we sink to the knees, our elevation will begin, though not immediately will our tallness occur, but we will begin to find some height. Our hearts will be exalted, thereby giving wings to the grounded soul. Once the soul is elevated, we begin to connect to the power which lies therein. Though this may move us to tears, we realize there is a love so deep awaiting us there. A God so real, who is dying to connect with us. So why are you so downcast oh my soul? – Really why am I so downcast shutting down the doors of that soul by seeking temporary, mortal, imperfect “love”? Seek God, oh my soul, – connect with HIM who lies therein, and you will find total healing and fulfillment. You will regain your backbone, and make decisions to benefit your worth.

The truth about life is that, it really is not itself. The journey of our lives is what I think often suck. It has its hard days, its moments when we feel that the one heart we have is dying to burst out of our chests. There is so much to face along the path, so many downs, and often so little ups, or so it seems. Life itself is supposed to be wonderful, even when the journey is rough. Life is Christ – scripture tells me in the gospel of John 14:6 – “I am the way, the truth and the life…” If that is so, then how can I say life sucks? It means that I am saying that the God-man equates that pessimistic expression. Thus, my thoughts that life as we often refer to it, is not that in itself, rather, it is Christ. To survive it, I must learn to entrust my journey, though battered, rejected, confused, frustrated, depressed and all the things that we often feel sometimes, – I must surrender the journey to “The Life.” All to Jesus, I seek to surrender!

Each of us needs a reminder sometimes: May this song motivate or encourage you like it does me. It’s one of my personal and self-sung compositions.

5 thoughts on “The Life!

  1. Ceez I liked the others but I really love this one. Its deep, really deep my friend. We will go through rough times but I think for me knowing there is God who I can call upon makes it so much easier. I honestly dont know how people survive this life without Christ Jesus


  2. I love this….so refreshing to read something positive and enlightening for a change. Thanks Ceez!!! What an inspiration

  3. Glad it’s inspiring reading what I write. I seek to motivate myself, through the encouragement and motivation of others. Keep reading and thank you for the positive feedback too.

    1. I appreciate it. Like you use yourse to warm our hearts, I will seek to continue growing these given to me. 🙂
      Blessed Writing and artistry to you.

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