Why should I give to this: Back to School Scholarship Program?

Hitting the www.insidepossie.com website, the first thing that might catch your attention is this sizable forest green box-shaped notice with the words: “INSIDE POSSIE 2nd Annual Back to School Scholarship Program IS ON NOW,” written in white. Alongside it you will find a yellow banner giving a very modest explanation of the purpose for this activity. The promoters and organizers suggest that it is mainly to provide stationary to needy children of the community of Portsmouth and surrounding areas.

But, why should you give? I mean, is it our business to give to people in such hard economic times? What is the point? Maybe we are even thinking; why can’t parents go to find work to provide for their children? Why are they making children if they cannot provide for them? Maybe some people will say that their children never got any help when they were going to school. The point is I am certain we can probably rake up a hip of reasons why we shouldn’t care to give to something like a Scholarship Fund.

Well I have given some thought to this and here’s what I concluded. Firstly, I hereby submit that WE SHOULD GIVE to this fund. Here’s why!

1. There are genuine needy people in our town and surrounding communities. Seek them out, and you would be surprised the magnitude of the need.

2. We are responsible for the state of our community, we shape what is looks like, how others live (survive) whether they have a plate of food, or not. What do I mean by that? It is simple: To close my eyes to the needs of my neighbor is to be uncaring about their well-being. Thus, if my community has derelicts in a few years and I never cared to help when I could, should I be surprised? Am I prepared to live with such people and their lifestyle as they seek to survive in the same community later?

3. It is better to be proactive than reactive. Let us nip the roots of a social problem from the bud now while we can. Or, we may find our future hometown unbearable.

4. Every one of us cannot be on the same economic bracket, though someone like Karl Marx may advocate for opposite of today’s societal economic standard. The reality is that our society is not organized in such a way for us to all have the same things. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the fact remains, the haves need to take care of the have-nots. It is a necessary duty.

5. An educated people, is a productive people. Failure to invest in the education of one is reason to create a monster roaming in sheer ignorance. Do we want to have uneducated youth loitering our streets? (Mark you, I know the argument of – so many educated have nothing to do – that is another subject in itself.) But can we use this rational to NOT-GIVE? That is a future we cannot predict. So, what is the best thing to do? Deal with the NOW – the now is WE HAVE NEEDY CHILDREN in Possie /Dominica.

6. Many of us were blessed to receive some kind of help during the formation of our educational foundation. Thank God for the various agencies, individuals, and or institutions which supported us? So, what are our duties? To be grateful, to show gratitude. The best way is to give back.

7. Finally, though there are a million reasons why YOU and I should give, I hereby subscribe to, and promote the very word of God in which as a Christian people we should live: Luke 6:38 beckons to us to Give! “Give and it will come back to you, full measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.” Do you need any other reason to give dear friend? NO! Case in point? IT is a Christian duty, a national obligation, a moral responsibility and a loving act.
Let us GIVE TODAY!!! God bless you and may God bless our needy children and families, while His grace enfolds our blessed land. Thank you for reading – now let’s ACT!

For evidence of the work of this humble group of young men and women who are promoting this noble act. Check http://www.insidepossie.com/scholarship-programs

6 thoughts on “Why should I give to this: Back to School Scholarship Program?

  1. Caeza mwen aime maniere, ou say un bonne personne qui ca toujour gardez pou moon ou a pou comminitay. Bondieu cay toujour beni mon cher. Caeza you are such a community oriented person, i suggest you better plan your campaign because it’s bout time Possie have a female parl-rep. I am certain you will win hands down. My dearest classmate Mr. Douglas should know that it’s Woman Time.

  2. Lintie..ou pas feb. Comsidi, ou ka fere mwe qui. Nous kay vweh sa ki kay fete plis temp…lol.
    Thank you so much, you know that’s my heart. People’s enhancement / empowerment, makes me a happier person when I can contribute to that. It really is our duty isn’t it? 🙂
    Thank you for taking the time to read and contribute.
    God bless you lady.

  3. hey ceez…been doing my best to follow your blog…but i have some thoughts for you to think about and maybe write about on your blog….why does society have to dictate to us the way we live? why does society make us base decision on society rather than making decison on what is best for ourselves? isnt it hif=gh time we start thinking for ourselves and thinking what God wants us to do not wat the society wants us to do?

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thank you for taking the time out to follow me here. I appreciate the support.
      As relates to your thoughts, thank you for sharing them. I will seek to write my thoughts on this
      matter as soon as I possibly can. I also appreciate the suggested topic / idea.
      Regards and God’s endless blessings. 🙂

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