Tempted to “do it?”

It is alright to be tempted to do it you know. What’s wrong is the action if and when done in the wrong relationship. I write this for the unmarried / single folks like me. If you were sexually involved before and have decided to stop, you have made a great choice. God can sustain you, so continue to persevere. By now all of us should know that sexual intercourse is reserved for marriage according to Holy Scriptures. Want proof? Stop, take a minute and read: (Exodus 20:14 / 1st Corinthians 6:18-20 / 1st Corinthians 7:1-2

The world says it’s okay to “do it.” Television commercials and movies promote an abundance of small words like: man, woman, kissing, petting, swearing; all small words. Meanwhile, they project big actions. So they are actually selling “sex” to you in small, easy packages. Let me suggest: “Don’t buy it!” Rather take note that: Your sex is special – but only if you save it for the right time, person, place and relationship, all according to God’s will.

Your Sexuality: Not just sexual urges, but the simple changes in your body. The acne or pimples, voice changes, sprouting breasts, pubic hairs, and facial hairs are just some of what comprises sexuality, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is natural and inevitable, so appreciate them. Along with these changes come those sexual urges evoked by the steady hormonal changes within you, they are certainly strong and a real force to be reckoned with. Lest you think that I am unreal and maybe even unrealistic, I know those feelings too. You are not alone, nor are you the first to feel the way you do. These are natural occurrences. For those of us beyond adolescence and puberty, the sexual challenges and urges are also real and must be treated with acceptance and caution as well.

Though natural, you are able to gain and exercise control over these challenges. I suggest you try the following:
• Prayer,
• Education & Healthy Lifestyle Practices
• self-acceptance
• Patience

I know you have heard about these before, but allow me a brief explanation.

Prayer is a necessity: Talk and listen to God. “Pray about everything, worry about nothing, present your request to God,” (Philippians 4:6) and pray incessantly (1st Thessalonians 5:17). There is real strength in prayer – that’s what helps many of us walk the right road of Grace. That’s where the self-control will come from. Earnest prayer brings forth self-control as a fruit of the Holy Spirit. So try it – try Prayer – talk to God in your simple way – HE understands every language. Tell Him how you feel, and ask Him to strengthen you daily.

Education: Maybe you are an academic currently, attending an educational institution which I hope you are taking that seriously. But, here I am talking not strictly about academics. I am talking about becoming informed about matters like sex, abstinence, physical fitness, healthy eating habits, chastity, STD’s, or as they say now STI’s (sexually transmitted infections), personal hygiene, abortion, and all the things that goes with them, – So that you can make not crazy decisions; rather – informed decisions. (The following link tells more about chastity) http://www.revolutionoflove.com/singles/chastity/living_chaste2.html

Self- Acceptance: Who else is exactly like you? There are no other you – not even your twin. So relax, reflect and check you out in the mirror a little more. You are special – appreciate that and then put a price on yourself. You are Invaluable! (Check Psalm 139) You certainly can’t come up with a price, so hey – You are Expensive, treat yourself that way. Don’t cheapen yourself by allowing all kind of people to touch, handle, and fondle you. You are precious and deserve to be treated as such. Accept yourself for whom you are and work to get better at becoming “the best version of yourself” – http://www.matthewkelly.org/be-the-difference/stories

Patience: Wait on the Lord – and wait on yourself too. If he/she cannot wait on you then evaluate their meaning of “I love you.” WAIT. Sex is going no where – it’s always there you know. So be patient. You will have your turn – save your sex for the marriage throne. Before that – sex is cheap, feels nice in the immediate moment, but leaves bad guilt, it stains you with someone else’s sex, and you become cheaper each time. So please save the sex- wait – be Patient Dear. (Psalm 27:14) – “wait on the Lord, be of good courage and He shall strengthen thine heart.”

To reiterate: “You are not alone in the battle to responsibly controlling those sexual urges.”

Conclusively: What kind of music do you like; Jazz, Rock, Soul, R&B, Zouk, Cadence, Calypso, Bouyon, Country, Blues, Rap, Gospel, or Reggae?

What (books) do you read? That’s if you do read, because lately it is believed that young people don’t read. (But if you’re reading this then awesome, you are a reader :)) But just in case you read books, is it the Bible, some magazines, science fictions, mills and bones, intense romance novels, comic books, the newspapers? What do you read?

How about movies or what do you look at on TV or the computer most? BET, JAZZ, Comedies, pornography, knowledge T.V., discovery channel, sports, news, music videos, reality shows, or anything else?

Whatever you answer to the above questions, I present the following:
“The things that we feed on make us who we are. That’s my belief. Please spend less time polluting your mind, heart, soul and spirit.
Rather, spend more time purifying them. You always have a choice. Aren’t we fortunate to be given choices? Well let me suggest: Choose right! Choose right for your personal and long term benefits – Choose Right For eternity.”

As for me: I choose Jesus and all that is positive in life except HIV positive.” I genuinely wish us all success, endurance and perseverance. We deserve the best and can do the best. You can say yes to life and no to sex. Yes to Abstinence and no to promiscuity. Yes to God who sustain. Yes to Jesus! And maybe then you can “Say Yes to sex”http://www.lyricsg.com/art/Fr.+Stan+Fortuna (listen to this song here & check the lyrics here – http://www.dilyrics.com/fr-stan-fortuna-say-yes-to-sex-lyrics.html

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