Strong Woman (I am 3rd place in DD’s Photostory Contest)

The following short story, won me 3rd place in the Dominican Diaspora short story Contest and was featured in the Dominica Literary Festival during August 5th – 7th. Please give a read. The story was based on this photo attached.
Since this was my first ever contest written for, I feel elated to have placed in the top-3. Much gratitude to Natasha Henderson Shillingford, Director of DD for her hard work and effort. Photo included was taken by: Celia Sorhaindo

She was home to thousands for over a hundred years long before my existence, then she became home to me. Who can forget how relentlessly she stood perched high above any high-rise her people ever knew in the town whose name she bore? Stoically this woman was the first to be seen, by the crew of every vessel who approached her safe haven. Like a natural expectation, always on the shore, she had a daily rendezvous with the sea and its patrons. This vast aqua body stood like a source of daily refreshment for the woman’s children, and she was happy to keep watch over them like a mother hen. Somehow people remarked that she was fearless, for only a brave woman could withstand the site of such a vast domain without fleeing even when it got angry at her and her children. Oh and angry it got many a time.

There is absolutely no doubt that this woman was strong, for she endured a lot of misery. Talk about the long rainy days, the times when she withstood winds of over 90 miles per hour, and within her bosom still held tightly her inhabitants whom she kept safe. Life was never easy for her, though many people baselessly and slanderously thought it was. She hardly if ever complained about the verbal abuse she suffered even from some of her own people, and those who disowned her because they couldn’t accept her instructions and philosophy on life. Adamantly she stood her ground, and became a well respected and revered woman by all, even by those who hated her. She must have had strong faith in the Supreme Being. People claimed of eavesdropping on her prayers.

She had her own language, for she spoke in a foreign tongue for years, until she embraced the people’s tongue. You see her parents were not from Dominica, but they brought her to the pristine island where she fought to remain. She eventually shared her culture with the people, and by exercising such deep caution slowly embraced aspects of the native culture she found to be compatible with her faith and life concepts.

Her people religiously sought her out to fulfill many basic needs. Some went to her for counseling, others for a source of identity, wanting to meet a need that every human person has; that of belonging to something and or someone. Among her many visitors were nationals, foreigners and history suspects even some dissenters. She united young throbbing hearts for a lifetime, and separated others for eternity; she brought new life, cries and smiles to her community, and even endorsed the names of new inhabitants. She taught children how to read, organized groups for social interaction, took care of the sick, dying and elderly of her community and even acquired foreign help for the island on occasions.

That woman was powerful, though her power was seemingly unseen by those who fought tooth and nail against her efforts. Talk about being vilified. She was judged, condemned, hated and one time when the foundation of her house was shaken by a violent disaster, some vocal men who despised her, rejoiced that her children were left homeless. But guess what? She quietly fought back, rebuilt and openly forgave them.

What a strong woman. Today, she still stands with an age of wisdom surrounded by nature’s love, fed by her children’s devotion and enabling the faith of all whom she encounters. The solitude she extends is still amazing and unimaginable for age has brought more reason to her. Thus, she lives in humble prominence.

21 thoughts on “Strong Woman (I am 3rd place in DD’s Photostory Contest)

  1. Miss P,
    This is profound. Love how you put it all together. Had me thinking of a number of places made me think of Rivers, the ocean, a country…. The nature of it is so pure. I love Dominica

    1. Thanks much Squeaky,
      And your creative mind made you think of all these things, but by now I know you have figured it all out. Dominica truly could fit into this category, but so too would any strong woman.
      Thank you for the comment. It means alot

    1. MK, every strong dedicated and faithful woman – Virtuous in her being, can certainly fit within this realm yes. 🙂 – I love your understanding of this too. 🙂

    1. MK, lol, I love how you totally love this woman without even being really certain who she was, prior to your Smart Observation. 🙂
      Thank you for taking the time to read. If you scroll down, you will find a video which chronicles some aspect of my local parish life
      back home, and it should give you a better comprehension of this short story.
      The picture in the story, is that of another parish church, but it was the one presented for us to write about.
      Blessings now, 🙂

  2. I see you are talking about the catholic church and its trials, the path it set for all of us and most of all how proud you are of being a catholic.
    You did a great job miss P. Love you..You continue to inspire us all.

    1. Awesome observation Almer. Thank you for taking the time to read. Yes, my faith, the faith which has inspired who I am today, is what has
      brought me thus far, and it has been through the medium of the Catholic Church..You have hit the nail on its head. 🙂

      1. :-)…..awwww ya I took my time to read it…I’m so proud of my faith …the church and its teachings has done a lot for us from baptism up to now. We should all see it like how you see it..:-)

  3. Miss P: This is an incredible peace of work. I like the personification in it. awesome work. Keep it up and go for it.

  4. Its amazing how one story can have so many meanings to different individuals. That’s what you call a great writer. You let your readers minds traverse. In this abstract I saw the catholic church, our very own country Dominica, a struggling mother and one’s own challenges and trials as we all journey on this earth. All emerging victorious since the hand of God was at work. Proud of you ms. P

  5. Interesting piece of Lit, I Love it. Remind of my struggling days wit Lit. Congrat’s, great work.

  6. Thank you so much each of you, your encouragement will propel me onward. Believe me when I tell you the story was meant to be understood by you in whatever way you care to see it. Still each of us know, every writer does have a goal in mind, and sometimes a target and object. 🙂
    I love each of your experience with it. Keep visiting and reading. Be blessed each of you, in your own craft or niche.

  7. Nice, I like the comparison and how you played with words …Very interesting … Congrats !!!! Keep up the good work.

  8. My dear….I love the portrial of the personification in this piece…..strong, interesting displayal of words.Keep up the good work.

  9. Oh Czar It’s a beautiful piece ! Reading it I thought of every strong woman, then I thought of the Catholic church and then I thought mmm… there must be elements of your own life here and to me thats what you call art because you can put many perspectives or interpretations to one piece. AA I didn’t know you had that inside of you. Keep the faith strong and seek the Lord first always 🙂 Lots of love


    1. Hi Cece, Thank you very much for your warm comments. Thanking God for the talent he has bestowed on me ofcourse. 🙂 WE all have something inside of us girl. All we need to do is find, nurture and utilize for the Glory of God and the enhancement of mankind.
      Wishing you well in all your endeavors. Come again 🙂 & God bless you.

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