World in Chaos? – What about the Commonwealth values?

Is it me, or just my stupidity? Is this injustice or is it a travesty? Could it be poverty or inequality? What is really happening today? In one part of the world where people still have food on their tables, schools to go to, gadgets to play with on a regular basis, the young have taken streets to seemingly protest what they think is “rich people making their lives a living hell.” In another part of the world, which over decades has been raped by the forefathers of more affluent lands, poverty, disease, hunger and massive deaths are occurring by the seconds all concurrently. Is this a coincident? What is this?

Like many in the world today, I hold no answers, but I seek some sort of over-standing. What a travesty our world is turning into. Don’t get me wrong, wars, riots, and all the societal ills highlighted above were existing before today, but somehow I beg to construe why young men and women in affluent countries would choose to burn down their cities, kill and rob each other, loot businesses within their neighborhoods which no doubt create some form of employment for people like them, and blame the very people for their hardships. My question is; What Solutions are they hoping to find? The Plasma televisions, cell phones, clothes, gold, and all the other stolen goods they have harpooned are they expecting these to ease their burdens?

Imagine coming from the Caribbean, where you have been taught that England was the mother land before your dear island nation gained its independence. You learned that on the 2nd Monday of the month of March every year Commonwealth Day will be celebrated. No doubt it is observed, and or celebrated within the entire 54 Commonwealth nations in the world. Note: The head of Commonwealth is where? – In the mother-land in the United Kingdom. I recall learning about the countries, and preparing to perform for that event as a child, and once grown, I recall planning big events in my work district bringing together a handsome number of young men and women, and children along with key community leaders in order to recognize the day, all in the quest to pass on the values of the Commonwealth.

So, what are these values of the commonwealth? – they are mainly – International peace and security, democracy, human rights, tolerance, respect and understanding, separation of powers, rule of law, freedom of expression, development, gender equality, access to health and education, good governance, and civil society.
(consult for a clearer understanding of these values.)

Today, I look at the riots in London and other parts of the UK and I wonder – what are they teaching their young people? What are parents doing to in-still and instruct core values in their children? Or is it that they are too poor to instruct? I don’t know, I don’t hold the answers, but these are matters due to be explored. Meanwhile, Somalia is in dire need, 600,000 children could die out of starvation, people fleeing homes in droves, and heading to overpopulate Kenya. Could this be yet another time-bomb in the making mainly to breed more chaos?
While one could argue the concept of poverty is relative or subjective from one nation to another, it is clear the dichotomies that exist in our world. The above mentioned values are lonely, and seemingly unused.

It is clear; this world is made up of corrupt leaders, greedy politicians in high places, some dishonest aid-agencies claiming to help disadvantaged populations, and rich money mongers seeking for more to hoard; rather than share. Everybody knows his or herself. The fact remains, while all is not well in any part of the world, I firmly believe if people lived in a state of respect for human life, sharing the wealth around, toppling corrupt governments before they show their ugly faces to the masses, many of the world’s problems would be null or safely minimized.

But oopps, I just realize I am living in an imperfect world, where such tranquillity seems highly impossible. Still I want to believe that we can hope, that we can dream, and we can more assertively promote values like equality of distribution of resources, protection of food and freshwater, respect for all people, democracy and consensual decision making, peaceful problem solving strategies, promote social programs and good Christian values, (or upholding the faiths / religious values of the people where they live which I sure hope should be promoting such core values.)
Meanwhile like the creole expression which encourages us to “wet our own beards when the neighbour’s own is on fire'” I exhort smaller nations in our region and the rest of the world, to do everything in our power to prevent such riots, and chaos from taking root in our lands. It will take all of us to make the difference in the world. Let’s do what we can then, to make a better world.
—–Like a hopeless romantic, I prayerfully hope this world can be a better place. — But Alas!!!

5 thoughts on “World in Chaos? – What about the Commonwealth values?

  1. Thankz Heddz,
    This is such a pertinent issue today. I sure hope solutions can be sought really soon to ease the tension around us in this world. hm. Hope we;re not dreaming too? Let us hope for the best and do our part where we can.

  2. Inexcusable as the recent behaviour we have witnessed has been, it is but the thin wedge of a more pervasive malaise within society today…..”GREED IS GOOD”!…… A sentiment which is echoed throughout politics and big business.

    The uneducated and ignorant, take to the streets and loot…….the educated and better informed “screw” us openly through higher bank charges, and excessive commodity prices etc….all with the blessing of the powers that be.

    The inequalities within society are such that whereas the poor of old knew and resigned themselves to their lot, people of today are more in touch with other “communities” and the influence and effects of consumerism…..they want what is on offer, but they lack the skills and resources to satisfy their desires. Further, not only are they denied their material “wants”, but also the other basic needs of family, a sense of belonging, self-esteem and the all too commonly misused “respect”….. the result are frustrated individuals with little sense of worth and values.

    We are all in this together, and unless we realize that “I am alright Jack” is not acceptable, we face more upheavals as we meet the global economic challenges which lay ahead. We must stop the criticisms and labelling of people, as words carry a self-fulfilling energy. We must become part of the communities we live in and be more aware of those with whom we share our space. In so doing we may become more alert to the needs of others and better equiped to render assistance.

    I am of the view that we must all begin to question our roles in this sorry, yet potentially uplifting experience (as evidenced by communities coming together to reclaim their towns).

    1. Errol,
      Thank you for sharing your perspective on this matter. Coming from a small island, I have seen some sort of rebellion though in a different fashion.
      It is clear that greed is at the center of this demise occurring in our world. The rich wants more, and the poor wants what it needs.
      I totally concur with you that it is really a time for each of us to question “What is my role,” but I hasten to add we must also ask, “what is MY RESPONSIBILITY” in the world today.
      Living in this part of the world I have seen those who genuinely care, and those who just don’t. Those who have, and want more, and those who give – left-overs.
      The terminologies used to describe the rioters via the news media are interesting to say the least, and I have chosen not to mention them. Yet, I strongly believe that the riots cannot fix a problem, violence only serves to do more damage. In some strange ways however, maybe, just maybe giving life to the Commonwealth values, and meeting the needs of those affected, some good can arise. Maybe too, the rich, and powerful within societies will get a clear message that they owe it to society to look after the less fortunate, by creating means of empowerment for all and sundry.

      It is scary though to think that this could escalate into an even worst disaster.
      Again, I am hopeful.
      Keep positive and let us do what we can where ever we are to project, promote and protect good societies. (I must tell you that I have been heartened to see the efforts of the people who have been getting together
      to reclaim and in some cases to protect their communities.)
      God Bless All.

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