Restructuring the Mystery!

Sometimes in life we forget! Other times we make every effort not to.
There are those moments when we just seek to find the deeper person in us.
We connect with us more than ever before, and because we do, it constructs
a certain kind of “Change” that is almost inexplicable. This change becomes
so intertwined within us, we must then devise a way to unravel what it all means.
In the process of unraveling we continue the “change-process” to points likely
to be mis-overstood by our circles. Don’t you feel mis-overstood sometimes too?

Today, I know I’ve been changed. What has contributed to this internal metamorphosis?  
Conclusively I would say, a combination of matters all embraced each other, some
with my permissions, others without my knowledge, and they brought a deep change of heart,
mind, character and personality.

Sometimes, change is for the worst, other times it is for the better, and still it should be
for the best. Currently, mine is for “what-ever.” This simply means, that I am letting it be what it is,
I am learning to watch it, feel it happen, observe its power within me, and allow it to take
its path. Wherever it leads, whatever it deprives me of, whatever it brings to me,
or endows me with,it is all for my providence I’m sure. For you see, that “What-ever” is constructed by faith.
Lately, I remind myself, “Ceez, walk by faith and not by sight” – thus my change is for “Whatever!”

You see I have not felt this way in a long time. The fact is; this “Whatever” breeds a certain kind of beautiful mystery. Lately, I am learning to feel differently, to behave with more coding, and to restructure my mystery. Once I was mysterious, I was quite careful, and didn’t lose composure. Not that it is wrong to lose composure sometimes – for who doesn’t?
It is just the fact that, composure preserves mystery, and mystery multiplies faith’s wings. A part of me feels like shouting – “I have Changed! – I know I’ve been changed.- I will Never be the Same again.” – Still I will be patient, for change is constant. Besides, I would hate to celebrate too early,
but I appreciate each moment of change that I observe, as directed by faith. Let it all happen!!!

Now, all I do is love, watch, pray, hurt, smile, cry, exercise, dream, write, hope and desire,
all from a healthy avenue (That location where you avoid an “emotional-ground-zero”)!!! – Mysterious me is making a Renaissance!!!

10 thoughts on “Restructuring the Mystery!

  1. Rightly said, change is inevitable, therefore it behooves us to embrace “positive change”, ie change for the better. It is lovely to hear of your desire to accept change as this is one of life’s hardest decisions. May God continue to be your compass, as the necessity to make the distinction between which changes are worth embracing is crucial. Take care and God bless.

    1. You always inspire me when you respond to a post. I will quote from your comment: “May God continue to be your compass…” This is profound, and certainly it is exactly what we all need in life. At those crucial moments in our lives when me must make key decisions, this becomes even more important. Thank you for your ever so warm insight Hedz.

  2. You are very welcome my sista, always happy to read your blogs when time permits, you too are very inspiring and give lots of food for thought. Happy to be an inspiration, as this is my pray.

    God bless

  3. Very inspiring my dear! This is definitely Bull’s Eye awakening! Change is one of life’s measuring stick; so it is how we react to it that determines our growth. Take care and God Bless.

    1. Thank you Aunty.
      You are so right. Lately more than ever, I have sought
      to watch my reactions to those changes,
      and even more, I have made grand efforts in being proactive
      as well, almost anticipating the inevitable. Stay blessed
      and God bless you and family.

  4. change is good; ongoing yes and we can never celebrate it too early either. just when we thingk all is done, here goes another change again.
    continue writing miss p. loving ur blog whenever i get the chance to read.

    1. Jess,
      Thank you for ever reading what I write. It is my heart I seek to share with you and the world.
      Each of you whose life I have touched, has touched mines a like.
      I will keep at it as best I can, and certainly, change is so inevitable that we would be
      almost demented or lunatic to celebrate it – since it’s celebration will always be premature. 🙂
      God bless you and yours 🙂

    1. You’re most welcome. It is my heart’s desire to share what God has given.
      Thus, the writing. Besides it is cleansing and therapeutic for me.
      Keep visiting 🙂 It also gives me great joy to know that I can impact
      at least one person out there, thereby inspiring them to grow, and improve.
      In Christ,

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