Tonight a wave of nostalgia has struck me. I don’t believe I am the only person who goes through such a phase, where a certain longing for things, situations, places and people I’ve known hits home. It is fine to be plagued by nostalgia, but even that calls for self-control. Besides, even if nostalgia plays its trick on me, it is merely itself. What I do in response to this nostalgia is what matters. So when struck by nostalgia what must I do?

I have concluded the following:
1. If I long for people who are positive, life-giving, and who motivate my faith walk then it’s great. I should go ahead and contact those within reach be them in close proximity, or far away.

2. If I long for people who will only serve to weaken my walk with God, by enticing me into acts and thoughts of a sinful nature, I should rebuke the thought and emotions – In Jesus Name 🙂 I smile, but seriously, it is human to err, but it is divine to resist temptation. Since God has blessed me with a spirit of self-control, I must now quickly tap into that divine resource to sustain and keep me. Yes, it is real! I should pray, read the word, distract the mind. By the way don’t think I am self-righteous; it remains however, that there are some things we get nostalgic about which we just need to totally let go of, or reject. For, seeking to revisit them may only serve to dig us a pit to our own demise and shame.

3. If I long for a place like where I consider home, then maybe calling home would do. But tonight there is a storm (Tropical Storm-Maria) blasting my island, and there is no way that I can get to talk with anyone. So, in light of this, maybe listening to some local music might help. Logging-in to one of the local radio stations may just help me to deal with that Gwo-pwel (as we say in Creole.) If you think I am some hermit, I’m not. Still, my world is different here since friends are rare and far apart.

4. And then there is the longing for the now, where the wish that life was somewhat different makes its regular stop. Though it is not the past, it triggers, or spurs a certain related emotion. Several times I have fought against an urge to not be alone. Then again, lonesomeness is a natural phenomenon in the life of so many, if but for a time. Thus, I have chosen to accept the situation, and live in a “whatever – moment” trusting in God. In order to cope I got out of the house alone. My bike ride tonight was wonderful. I passed several strangers on the way, nodded to some, said hi to others, smiled to a few and above all, talked to God as loudly as comfortable through the cool wind on my face all the way. Do I sound crazy to you? I’m not, I am just living a normal life of the single person who is an alien in this country.

Conclusively, I prefer to live rightly than live cheaply, I prefer NOT to settle for less than what I value
and I prefer to NOT compromise the standards to which my faith-life requires. I know: I am a Fool – for Christ!

So, nostalgia though sweet sometimes, it can be sour. Nostalgia though awesome at times, can be awful at other moments. Thus, Nostalgia tonight, you can take a back seat.
Feel free to share your Nostalgia-related story with me here. God bless!

8 thoughts on “Nostalgia

    1. Thank you friend. I appreciate the visit 🙂
      More than ever, I realize that in my life time I have had friendships
      without realizing that’s what they were.
      Thank you for being in my life and God bless you and yours.

  1. Sure enough you are not the only one who nostalgia has visited lately. I can attest to that in all the areas that you have shared. There must be a reason why I am even here reading this, for nostalgia has struck me recently for people. Being human, I decided not to make contact, as to why, I’m not too sure, many reasons, none solid. However, it turned out that I was contacted instead and it was a short, beautiful moment and I know God was pleased, hearts were happy, open wounds were sealed and healed. So it was a sweet moment.
    Have a blessed day Moye.

    1. Hey V,
      Thank you for sharing your story. It is comforting to know I am not alone in this.
      I had a strange contact too recently from someone least expected. Though short,
      it was meaningful. Sometimes nostalgia can be positive and fruitful. The word here is
      (Sometimes). 🙂 Wishing you well. Be blessed my friend.

  2. Hi Ms. Paul! I am at work in the US feeling nostalgic for my life that was when I served in the Peace Corps in Dominica. I watched the PBS special ‘Growing a Greener World’ and saw your comment, which led me to this blog. I remember you and your awesome energy. Just wanted to say thanks for writing. It’s nice to know others have to cope too!

    1. Wow Valerie,
      I am wondering whether I can remember you.
      It is wonderful that you can put a face to the written words too I am sure.
      So can you kindly remind me in what capacity you served? (Location, department, communities etc?)
      Did we do any program collaboratively? All the same, let me thank you for your wonderful comment
      and hope that you will visit DA some time again. You can well imagine it is harder not being home around
      this independence time right? All the wonderful food, and cultural activities. hmmm 🙂
      Thank you for the visit and do come again.
      Blessings to you.

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