The time when I become…

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The days the music stops, are the days the soul goes still.
The day the music fades, is the day connection is no longer established.
The time I close my eyes to the surrounding, the moment, the fact,
is that time when I lose sight of my vision, decision, inspiration to rise.
The occurrence within which I falter, drown, fail to be me,
is the occurrence of a malady, one of a thieving nature, one of a crime
The time I forget that people, things, assets, ducks are lined up FOR me,
is the time my gratitude fails, falters, become sour, become null, I grow
greedy, selfish, hateful, judgmental, rude, disagreeable, ugly.

That time when like a lighting strike grace met me,
The moment when like a thunder bolt, smiles captured me,
The time when it dawned that I should become a lover, not a hater,
The occurrence when that organ of stone was transformed into sweet, red, awaiting flesh,
That time when the dark of my comeliness became like dark chocolate,
The situation within which I become confident, wise, taller, smarter, brighter,
That time when I become, what I was – Lovely, lovelier, lovable, self-loving,
That moment when I become unselfish, selfless, when mine eyes are opened to a new reality
That time when I knew that I could say, Thank you! I could say, I believe in me
That time when generosity transformed me into – trusting..
That day, that time, that moment, that occurrence..

What a situation! A part of me sees the day, within which 30 will fade
A part of me sees that day, within which new leaves will become scrolls,
A part of me views that day, like it has no end, for there is a beyond
That part of me is curved, wrapped, established, pronounced in Faith!.
That part of me sees beyond that 30.

A time, a day, a moment, occurrence, situation, REALITY!!!
Eventful, occurred, pending, due to be, REAL!!!
The Time I Become…

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