I am DAVID so are YOU!

I am DAVID! Of course you know
I was somebody’s son, so are you!
I was not a perfect fella,
But, I tried to make a genuine Dollar.
I didn’t always obey my parents, but I acknowledged their guidance.
Today, I lie cold like ice, because of a nuisance.

You have a son, maybe more than one!
You said you are a man, you love what is yours?
Don’t you think my parents love me too?
Don’t you think they wanted to see me grow?
I am DAVID, so are YOU!

Oh you didn’t know? Well Yes you are David too.
Today I speak because you refuse to act
You decide the best thing is to stay in the dark!
My life has ended, my days are done
What about yours? One day they’ll be gone
But before you leave, and hope not like me
Do you think I David was really somebody?
I had a body, a heart, a mind,
As a matter of fact, I was one of a kind
I have a soul that will always be alive
I rode my bike because that was what I could drive
But, did that make me less than you or your sons?
Did that make me worth being killed by your cow?

Today my father is left without his boy
My mother lost her son – that is no joy
Do you even care to remember that?
I am somebody, and THAT is a fact?
Is it because we are poor without much
That you can get away with the law and such?
I am David, I speak English not Dutch
You are David too, just watch, just WATCH.

Possie people tell me what you think
What kind of silence pill all you drink?
Because is your friend’s cow you will let it slip?
Or are you going to stand up and speak against it?
Tell the owner I gone already
But he and you behind, that is somebody.
Will you allow more Davids like me to die, without doing something positive for I?

Tell the law, the culprit, and the judge,
I don’t want vengeance, show me some love
But, justice MUST come from the one above
Speak out my name, speak out my name
Tell them I am DAVID, though not the same,
I had a life, a hope, a dream
Now all that’s remained is a quiet scheme?

Possie come on you are David Too
Rise up and speak, show them what you can do
Tell them I say I will rest in peace
While I hope they find the real culprit.
I won’t harm, I won’t hurt, and I won’t do any bad
But I expect some justice for that (life) which I had
Speak on my behalf, tie up the calf,
Don’t leave it to become a monster
If its owner cannot come forward and answer
I am not asking you to make daybah
All I am saying is take cover
Before you lose a David, – another
before you become a victim of my disaster.

I am David, YOU are DAVID TOO
Now what more can I tell you?
I done speak – this is it!!!
I am DAVID, So are YOU!!!

YOU may view the video of this poem here….just hit the link. Thank you for checking the blog!http://www.facebook.com/v/10150371105185965

2 thoughts on “I am DAVID so are YOU!

  1. Ohhhh mannnn..Moy that cant be more real…sad but deep!….Hope they find the culprit!
    Great work Moy!

    1. Hey Dread, long time! Thank you much.
      And for always dropping by to check out the Blog-vibes, I appreciate.
      Keep focused and be blessed now.

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