Do it Today!!!

Someone once said, “Procrastination is a thief of time.” They must have been right, because you can really watch the time fly by as you engage things that could wait. Come on you know you procrastinate sometimes too. I sure do! hmm

For me, today I just feel like I don’t want to study, or read that text book, I don’t want to begin work on that research paper, but still the date is upcoming, and it is due. Ready or not, Professor awaits it. So, what do I do?

—-Free up my mind
—-Take a rest
—-Eat something substantial
—-Attend that meeting
—-Then hit the book at the final few hours left before Monday morning?

Sometimes that works, but I tell you fellow students, and especially,
fellow seniors often it puts us under unnecessary pressure.
So, I think I should do it while it is early O’clock.

Whatever you are working on student or no student, give it the time it requires before it gets to be too late. What ever you need to do, say or be, get on it my friend.
Do it today! I say do it today, because I cannot help but realize how quickly time fades. Even worst, I cannot ignore the fact of how quickly we fade. People we love leave us without warning, years at school become yester-years and things to be done become – “I should have…” I think it is time for us to avoid another pitfall. So, I humbly suggest:

—–Tell that person you love them,
—–listen harder than you did yesterday,
—–smile a little more to that stranger,
—–read that chapter earlier,
—–start on the research paper before the final week
—–get the cue-cards in check, and don’t forget to take them along with you,
—–write that song, story, poem, tribute, & read that note in your bag,
—–Pray that prayer, pray again, and them pray some more…

Blessings to each of you today. Do it before it does you. That’s for Me too. 🙂

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