God Always Comes Through!

Have you ever felt like you just can’t move on?
Have you found yourself in a state of stagnation, where you feel like a total failure?
Have you been at a place where you wonder if you will ever really be seen for who you are?
Have you felt stalled, like a big old truck stuck in a muddy road?

Well, I have felt like some of these many a time in my life.
Today, I just realize I need to remind myself, and by extension to remind you, that
God will come through for you.

He has chosen you, so He will carry you through.
Has he chosen you to go through the storm? Probably!
Probably He chose us to be tested like gold in a fiery furnace
for the purpose of our purification, for the better purposes and task
for which He has ordained us.

He always comes through, because He promised never to leave us nor to forsake us!
Remind yourself today, that God’s promises are versed through His words, the Holy Scripture.
In my book “Dairy of an Esteemed Woman” I share the power of the scriptures on my life.
I can only attest to this because I have seen God’s power pull me through, each time I remind
myself of His powerful words.
You have been chosen, that season will be over, and you will be profitable in Christ.
So, hang tightly to His mighty hands, God will always come through for you! WE won’t be a statistic with God.
You have been chosen to be more than that! God will always come through for you! BE blessed today!

4 thoughts on “God Always Comes Through!

  1. Thank you for the reminder! This is the reason I come here..I am always encouraged..that big old truck stuck in a muddy road…True as HIS wors it, it is sometimes hard to believe..
    May HE continue to bless n fill u so u continue to reach out to us!

  2. Thank you for taking me back to this post too. I need to read and reread it.
    Glad it help you. We are all on the road of life, a journey that is full of struggles. Still we must keep living. God knows.

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