Great News!

Dear friends and ardent followers of the blog, I thought I would share some brief, but very important news with you.
After having the Ebook version of What’s on Your mind? The Diary of an Esteemed Woman onto the website for almost three months, a great achievement was made. Though the sales are slowly moving, I am grateful for all the support being received as time proceeds.

Importantly, I must tell you that, yesterday 4th December, 2011 the EBook version of my book made it to smashword’s Premium Catalogue Status. This means that it: “…meet(s) certain mechanical requirements for distribution into major online retailers such as Smashwords partners, Barnes & Noble or Apple. Smashwords books that achieve Premium Catalog status receive the greatest possible distribution across Smashwords’ growing distribution network.” –
Yay! Another wonderful growth for the book process.

If you have not yet acquired a copy of the book, this is a perfect time to do so for yourself, and or for someone else, in any style or version that you desire. Isn’t it marvelous to be able to choose how you want to read a book? I am happy to be able to offer different options to people.

Finally, I want to extend a heartfelt Thank You to all who have supported my work thus far.
Your support serves as great motivation for me to continue sharing my heart with you and all.
All Glory and Honor to the Author of our existence, today and Always.
Yours in HIM,

6 thoughts on “Great News!

  1. Praise to HIM..I’m happy for u Moy..keep it up n going! Stay blessed! N u r most welcome. U know I support the needs n good for progress in and through all. 🙂

  2. Yes Moy..I can’t put down the bk just yet. It is inviting because of the reality. And I admire the fact that and I quote ” I am good with ME” . So true that we should all seek and thrive to be the best of us..not just the better. I love the bk!
    I just got mine so I will encourage others to get a copy.

  3. Thank you Kartelle for the encouragement, for reading and sharing its impact. Sometimes, we struggle to see who we are, particularly in environments where we have been constantly made to feel like we don’t quite fit in. I know we allow others to make us feel inferior, but there are times that we rise above the dust, and try again with the hope that we will be validated, only to be pushed down. Still we must fight to return to a point of self-love and acceptance. Life is a war – a fight between self-acceptance and self-rejection due to the hurts it deals us. I pray that we will all embrace the ME in each of us, that we may rise from the mire of the strugggles.
    God bless you

  4. Word!!! I agree.,
    Today I lend my therapist my copy…I just wanted so bad to share it with someone else. 🙂 She is a born again Christian, reminds me of you in stature, strong Christian belief and she always encouraging me. And u know I osha (gd osha)….hear me..das my neighbor, my friend, she from my country..she just graduated, she’s a christian..she told me..ok Charles, I see u excited..she briefly scanned the back..saw ur pic..and said..she’s beautiful..I like her

    The next person will get a view of the cover in a pic i have on my fone but I will encourage them to get their own copy lol.
    Stay blessed Moy.

  5. You are an inspiration too. Just letting you know. Because you always read what I write, I feel motivated to continue. Thank you for doing that. Hopefully, she will read my book, and tell others too. 🙂 and oh, I am happy she likes the hair. Gush, I love my hair. lol. I miss it each time it is braided, but sometimes I have to.
    Stay blessed, stay positive. You have it within you.

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