New Learning Curve! defines a learning curve as: “A graph that depicts rate of learning, especially a graph of progress in the mastery of a skill against the time required for such mastery.” Barron’s Accounting Dictionary (B.A.D.) meanwhile defines a learning curve as: “Chart line representing the efficiency gained from experience.” Clearly, the concept of a learning curve is extremely quantitative in nature with its borders lodged to various experiences. Since numeric is not quite my forte I will not seek to explore its numerical value too much. I will leave that for my friend Kathy a prolific accountant to do.

Rather, I will seek to explore the concept of this phenomenon on my life at present. As depicted by the B.A.D. the learning curve has applications. Imagine that? It states that, “Applications of the learning curve theory include (1) pricing decisions, based on the estimates of expected costs; (2) requirements for scheduling labor; (3) capital budgeting decisions; and (4) setting incentive wage rates.”

So, here I am thinking of myself as a Product — which is affected by the decisions that I make, of which a price will be paid by me if I fail to estimate their cost. My learning curve has been shockingly juggled, and shriveled, or as we would say in Creole, ‘chiffonay’ to points of great discomfort. I must now seek a numerical equilibrium, which is currently on the edge of minute-based decisions. Lately, each minute seems expensive, heavy, costly and disgustingly demanding. Still I’m here.

So, here I am thinking of myself as a gadget, a tool, an equipment, ingredient, a robot –which requires a level of discipline in an effort to schedule the work cut out for me from here onward. You see with the way my latest minutes are misbehaving, there is need for order in my workspace. My workspace begins in my head, and boy, aren’t these thoughts mischievous? I am over-spent; need repair, retooling, reconfiguration. Jee the numbers are tipping over. Lord Help Me. I’m here still…

Again, here I am thinking I am a project, a program, a scheme, a retreat, a party full of chaos, –which requires clear cut budget control and management. My capital is eroded, I am but bankrupt emotionally, mentally disorganized at least at the moment. I need auditing, need to send these internally generated numbers to the psychological auditor, lest I become socially, and personally over-drafted. There is a thin line between peace and war, hope and despair, joy and sorrow, sanity and insanity. Who on earth is immune? Are you? I know I’m not so I am exploring this latest, bold and necessary to be faced learning curve of mine. Dang..What a necessity. Am I still here? Let me pinch myself! Yes, I’m still here.

So, finally, here I am thinking I am a sales agent, a sales representative, even more here I am thinking I am a firm, an enterprise, a company, an insurance firm with little assurance of anything at the moment. Splef! Ain’t that nice! I offer incentives to my employees, and all they do is refuse the numbers, degrade my plan, and totally send me in a state of dependence.

Still, today I was thanking God that I don’t drink, smoke, nor take unnecessary substances into my physical faculty. What a wreck this firm would be. But alas, how I could do with an attractive, meaningful and worthwhile incentive; – One that would allow me to feel safe, secure, assured, hopeful, and peaceful within a cocoon of healthy networking. Maybe I can awake to a bright reality soon.

But, alas, this learning curve is numerically drowning me, totally harsh on my mental faculty, constantly daggering the drum-like organ within me. Still the learning curve presents me with applications that I must employ. So, I will seek to embrace this new venture, hope for strong revelations of its colorful graph as my life’s experiences plot the points on its curvaceous nature from this time forward. Hopefully, the vagabond-like nature of this learning curve will become more ordered, and or docile; thereby, gaining some clear-cut direction, focus, and goals. Hopefully, I will learn through this new curve once it loses all its twists and insensitive turns. Then, by and by, hopefully the eternal accountant will give me a great audit report at the end of my spending. God help me!
What is your learning curve like? Have you given this some thought lately?

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4 thoughts on “New Learning Curve!

  1. Ceez,

    Congratulations on these accomplishments! They are well-deserved. Yes, you are a work in progress…a progressive one, indeed! I am happy that God has smiled His love, grace, and mercy upon you, and that you manage to keep Him front and center as you navigate the sometimes treacherous seas of Life. May you always remember to rest ashore sometimes, smile often, and bask in the afterglow of Life’s treats, down-time, and retreats. Cheers to an even more successful 2012!

    God Bless You!


  2. SommerEmpress, howdy to you. Thank you for the kind remarks. I am wishing you wonderful blessings too during 2012, as I know you are busy writing that book. Go get ’em in the new year lady. You have what it takes most certainly. Blessings.

  3. Caeza,,,,,,,,,,,,I’ll say this, “free your mind and the rest will follow” Congrats on your accomplishment,,,,,,,,,a well deserved and worthy one at that. The good lord has and will continue to bestow his favor upon you. Enjoy yourself and say quietly ” self welcome back to Caeza” you can scream it out if you wish to.

  4. Thank you Linthie…I am hoping you get your signed copies from the mail really soon. :). I really like your recommendation for me to constantly say: “Self, welcome back to Caeza.” — Indeed.! Stay blessed dear.

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