Life Puzzles

Since I spoke of the the fact that I worked on trying to complete a picture puzzle yesterday, and shared its incompleted phase, I thought I should update you on its progress. It was perfected today, in total completion. Yay! And no, I didn’t do it myself, neither did I do most of it. Still I am happy that I assisted in its most difficult stages, and then in its easiest stage.

It made me think that, life sometimes behaves like a major puzzle. Even worst, some of us, starting with me have been like puzzles to others too. Some people have been honest enough to tell us, and others nah, they just don’t care to. Rather, they will discuss our puzzle-nature within their circles behind our backs as if thinking they are doing us a big favor. Please, if you are like me you prefer honesty than facades. Anyway, this is not the issue.

So, indeed life behaves like a major puzzle, or is it one within itself. Which ever way, it needs dedication, patience, endurance, pride in small achievements, and faith that you will endure to the end. I can assure you it took all these characteristics and some more to complete this one. In life we need no less. An additional desire to deal with difficulties head on, rather than shoving things under the carpet might also be a good way to go. As a matter of fact, to not face every piece of the puzzle is to leave some of its scattered parts lying untouched, or just lost. Sometimes in life, within our puzzleness all we need is a support system to help us pick up our shattered pieces. Well guess what, many times, we shatter our pieces to people who care absolutely nothing about seeing us back together in one solid piece. So, that can be a major emotional disaster within itself. But still, you must try to triumph.

Maybe it is not exactly one’s entire life which is a puzzle, but sometimes a certain aspect which seems to overpower and sort of dominates the pshyche of the individual. This turns them into a major fiasco, needing the help of puzzle-lovers and problem-solvers to help them.

Each of us need help to work out our puzzleness. Unfortunately, we sometimes look for that assistance in places where people don’t care to extend it. Still, first find within you the strength to recognize your puzzlement, and then seek the necessary assistance to make it through. If you do, you will find that like our fun-puzzle come perfected within a 24 hour period, your life can unfold perfectly within the yearly hours of your life; thereby, unfolding into a beautiful, stronger, positive and well composed work of God’s art.
Keep working on yourself. I am doing no less. Take it seconds by seconds, breath by breath, step by step and heartbeat by heartbeat. You can have a great and perfected completion. God bless you.

2 thoughts on “Life Puzzles

  1. that puzzle is beautiful, it reminds me of a quilt. Good job on completing it. I enjoy reading your meditations on life, love, and everything in between. Keep it up Moy!

  2. This is a really big puzzle! Imagine my life somewhat like that..but one day through dedication, patience n the likes it can be simplified and complete!!!..Das Awesome! I like that illustration Moy! And it is a nice lookin puzzle too 🙂


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