New year, New Rule

Growing up in the Caribbean, that famous expression “new year, new rule,” was a must at the start of a new year. I am certain it is still being said by people, though often for fun purposes.
Personally, I have no rule really for the new year, but I find it kind of funny, and figure, since this is my first post for 2012, I might as well use it. So, if you find no real rule in this post, forgive me.

Often another “R” word makes itself ubiquitous during a new year too – “Resolution.” Personally, if you ask me what is my resolution for 2012, I will tell you it is to not make a resolution. So in clearer terms, “My new year’s resolution is no resolution whatsoever.” Yeh, I know I am sometimes funny like that. 🙂

So, today, I woke up rather late, but made it to a place of worship, met a few familiar faces, and was happy to begin the new year on a peaceful note. The day was one of fun conversations, laughter, eating together, and the fun part – trying to complete a major puzzle with a friend. Now that was good enough for me.

As you can tell, my post is as simple as that: My new year began positively, easy-going, and relaxing. Hopefully, 2012 will unfold with me reminding myself to S.E.Y.!!! To say an eternal YES to myself mentally, thereby keeping a positive composure no matter what. No, this is not a resolution, it is a personal daily task with which I have employed myself in the latter part of 2011, and to which I seek to devote time and effort as long as I live.

Do you have a resolution, or maybe just a plan, or better yet, do you have a rule, if you feel like sharing them, that would be nice. Whatever the case, I wish you well in your life’s journey.

Be blessed today! (Disclaimer:) – it is still January 1st for me, but wordpress finds it’s Jan. 2nd. Oh well, whatever WordPress. 🙂

2 thoughts on “New year, New Rule

  1. I personally have no resolution, more like goals which I have set which are possible in acheiving I believe. I began the year, which is an extionsion of time, in a rather quiet and gd way. After service, I came home, got dressed in my sweat suit lol..all plastic..rode my bike, made 2 laps around the parking lot, burst a GOOD sweat, showered n slept. Was tired but felt gd.that’s one of my few goals..get in shape physically n desire to get closer to HIM!
    All the best to you too Moye!

  2. That sounds awesome Kartelle, and that is one of my goals too. To keep at my physical activties in an effort to keep in shape, keep healthy and just feel better overall. You have started on a right footing. Please keep us up to date on how things are progressing throughout the year, as you materialize those goals. Blessings to you always.

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