Just like a tree

Like a tree with roots, I seek to stand firm on my decisions each day.
If I wake up, I plan to get a few things done during the day. To achieve most of them means to give quality time to each task.

Each task requires a solid resolve, so I hope to do just that and more during the days allotted me. The truth is sometimes we really feel like not doing what we plan on achieving. To sit back and think that it will get itself done without my input is to hope that someone takes some food and place it in my mouth without my efforts. Well that is a lame example, but I am certain you get the picture.

A tree sways in the wind, sheds its leaves and looks dry during the season of Fall, stays internally warm during the cold, and fights to hold its greenery within for as long as it can. Trees are amazing to me. With their branches extended, supported by a firm stem, they have a certain femininity about them. Like a struggling woman in her quest to triumph over every form of struggle and adversity, she holds herself together, and still chooses to give off green leaves, as if to smile again once the pain has subsided. I want to be like the strongest tree in the forest. Even within a crowded place, she often feels alone, because she towers over the neighbors. She has roots extended beyond her visible borders, and that is what keeps her aground. Now, that is the kind of woman I want to be. Alone, or in company, I want to stand tall within my psyche, because in stature I am short. That I aspire to, not to be proud or conceited, but to be confident, strong, self-esteemed, and to embrace my phenomenal person daily.
This is not to leave out the brothers, but please allow me a moment guys.

I just have to embrace the woman in me at a time when I feel like the dryness of Fall is trying to rub me off my greenery. With that said, wish me well. Still, I hope you are planted on solid ground too like your chosen tree. Then maybe we can all sing at some time soon: “Just like a tree, planted by the waters, I shall not be moved. :)” God bless. (Though the above tree does not quite resemble the strongest tree, there is something about it that I love. It’s ability to stand firm alone. That could be another subject. Keep strong friends.)

10 thoughts on “Just like a tree

  1. I definitely support those views and that comparison. Women are definitely well grounded, and we seem to always find a way to hold ourselves together for real. Despite the situations or circumstances we are faced with, “We always manage a smile”.
    I too would like to be like the strongest tree in the forest.

    1. Shornie, thank you for visiting. I know you have your tough days too, and always show a smile like all is well.
      I am still working on my smile :), but you know when you get it spontaneously it is usually from the heart. 🙂
      Keep at it Shornie deary.
      God bless

  2. I liked this morning inspiration I got from your tree Ceez. It sent me right back to my favorite tree in Cabritts which is always a source of strength and perseverance for me. Thanks so much for that write up. Quite motivational.

    1. Interestingly, while writing that post, I could not get that famous tree at the Cabrits from my mind. It is unique in so many ways. It has the shape of a woman, and it is definitely a tree to behold on any visit to that pristine place. G, I know you have a copy of that photo, I think I am going to search your photos to find it on fb, if I do, I hope you can allow me to use it. If it is not there, then please feel free to send me a copy. I will attribute the photo to you ofcourse. (I have told you to get into photography professionally – side note :)).
      Thank you for reading, visiting and leaving me your kind comments.

  3. I like that one Moy..and I too, i would like to be like the strongest tree! Even when standing alone..yeah!

    “Each task requires a solid resolve” I will remember that.

    God Bless

    1. That line yeh, it is powerful indeed. That is what I remind myself of. No matter the nature of the task, tangible or not, it will require a personal decision to muster everything necessary to get it done.
      God bless and keep at your strength-building.

  4. This echoes my own search for strength. I’m trying to identify my short term goals. (My long term ones have been much the same for quite a while.) But you’re so right about follow through. It’s awfully hard and it’s very necessary. I’ll try to keep that in mind.

    1. Sparks in Shadow, your comment is welcome. Keep at it until you find it.
      To quit is to be a coward, and so we must keep living with a strong resolve to endure. Whatever your desires are they will energize your goal-finding efforts. You can do it!
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment here.
      Be blessed today and always. In the short-term and in the long-term as well.

  5. This was quite inspiring to me Ceez! A strong woman is indeed like a tree planted firmly on its roots. She sometimes have to stand tall even though, she may have to do so alone. Great read!

    God bless

    1. I totally appreciate your statement “…she has to do it alone” indeed. The good thing is as often as we forget, we are in company with Christ if we tap into His presence. A personal reminder of that fact is key. Be inspired, and thank you for stopping by, and sharing your thoughts. God bless

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