Abyss of Obscurity

Sometimes in life people fade into an abyss of obscurity. This happens by force, or maybe by choice. It is easy to occur. Maybe it is a necessity for the faded in order to be found elsewhere. Probably it is a requirement in order to achieve other goals. Still one’s ability to fade into obscurity may just be due to the fact that anything else would possibly compound a torturous situation.

Then, there is the obscurity which occurs by the ability of others who will not hesitate to quickly throw the obscured to the curb. Yes, that happens too. Sometimes the very people the faded gave most of the self to are the exact ones who will be eager to see them vanish. So want or want not, faded will the obscured be…straight into the hell hole of obscurity like they never existed.

In obscurity, there is a feeling of loss, deep grievance, frustration, and the faded individual is likely to border on a level of depression intermittently. Inspiration de-materializes, sleep depletes, and moods develop a pendulum -like behavior.  

In the realm of obscurity, the faded will often be given the ‘third-party’ treatment. After all it seems safer for the illuminated super stars to extend a long handle which warrants no interaction of direct effect. Oh besides, that would make their high elevated self-pride and expected obligations to their secure circles decrease. So no they won’t reach out personally, instead they will watch the obscured dissolve to naught without a single budge. The faded has a choice then, but often feels no sense of courage to even trust, so obscurity may blossom. Does the faded like obscurity? Most likely not! But, often obscurity chooses the faded.

It takes faith, prayer, help, and genuine outreach to snatch the obscured from that sorrowful realm. It demands and requires, understanding hearts, attuned ears which hold no defense, non-judgmental mannerism, shelving of inferences, and an honest direct and personal effort to seek out and salvage the obscured faded soul in a domain of neutrality. If nothing else does, Christianity demands it. But alas! — Obscurity has lately grown long pants, jacket, and tie. The faded is ambushed, and held captive my Sir Obscurity.

Oh Christ, send some maps and GPS to the faded, that from the monstrous hold of deep obscurity, the soul and heart may return. That the faded may find inspiration within its soul, creativity within its veins and newly inspired love within its drum-like organ. Grant the faded the grace to curse the abyss of obscurity away from its soul, into the recesses of no man’s land, dispelling it into its own self, never to return to that human soul. Oh Christ…!

The following song seems very timely for a faded soul… I found it appropriate to share. This is not my own song. I pay all respects to the artists / creators of it. I hope it lifts your soul up if you ever feel like you have faded into a world of obscurity. God bless! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8jreK–OGN4#!

2 thoughts on “Abyss of Obscurity

  1. When all else fails in times like these, when ‘that’ time seems unending and hope turns into despair, and what appears to remain is a faded obscurity..almost a shadow..GOD is who we have to call upon. And I pray that in ‘that’ time like the author said, ” Maybe it is a necessity for the faded in order to be found elsewhere. Probably it is a requirement in order to achieve other goals.” HE will take me out!

    Thanx Ceez!

    By the way where is that in the pic..home?

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Sometimes in life dark spots occur, but 1st Peter 5:10 gives sweet consolation. ” In his kindness God called you to share in his eternal glory by means of Christ Jesus. So after you have suffered a little while, he will restore, support, and strengthen you, and he will place you on a firm foundation.” – Hold on to HIs unchanging hands.
    The photo was taken outside our Church Hall in Possie when I last visited. I am sure the place has since been transformed / enhanced. But the pathway though not quite dark in appearance, seems long and almost unending. Thankfully there is a building at the end, so hope exists. Be blessed today.

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