It takes a true Christian…

Loud Random Thoughts swimming around…..

It takes a True Christian:
1. To be humble and apologize even after they have been wronged by the receivers of the apology.
2. To accept a genuine apology gracefully
3. To openly acknowledge they have wronged someone
4. To not distort the truth to look good in the eyes of others
5. To be the “Bigger Person” by looking at the God-Business-Picture

It takes a True Christian to be Truthful!
The Buddha once said: “Three things cannot long stay hidden: The sun, the moon and the Truth!”

Oh well…Pilate still asked “What is truth?” So, what is truth nuh?
Guess everyone has their own truth?

Thankfully there is a simple, but powerful word: “I am the Way, The Truth and the Life.” Pray with me then: Jesus, may you, your truthfulness, and truthful disposition captivate me daily. Amen!”

Feel free to add to this list…
Blessings all! 🙂

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