In 40 Days!

Today marks the beginning of the Lenten season in the calendar year of many Christians; most especially for the Catholic, Methodist and Episcopal believers. Each year 40 days of such a nature is recognized. It begins on Ash Wednesday (today). Very simply I began with going to a service and receiving ashes on my forehead in reminder that from dust I came, and to dust I will or shall return. Importantly,  the need for alms-giving, fasting and praying during this season in need for a deeper conversion was emphasized by the preacher. Still, nothing can say anything about this season to me, better than the following blog post I found at

Matthew Warner shared this, and I take delight in posting it here for your own reading. Essentially and maybe a bit selfishly, I post it here for my return to keep reminding myself of where I should be during these 40 days, but moreso, where I should be thereafter in my walk with God and neighbor. So many lines have stood out for me that I find it difficult to quote any specific one here; instead I suggest you read it for yourself. In my comment on the post, one of the things I mentioned and I care to mention here is: …”my need to radically love beyond the scars which linger within me…” Feel free to visit Matthew’s Blog to read all of it, and leave a comment too if you care to. Most importantly, I hope that you read it to benefit from the depth of this message.

As I embark on the next 40 Days, there is much that I pray for.
If you don’t embrace the Lenten season, I respect it, but what we as Christians do embrace, regardless of our persuasion is the need for a deep and total conversion. Since conversion to Catholics is a journey, I urge you like I remind myself today to work out your salvation in fear and trembling before God our merciful Father.
Yours in Christ Jesus.

2 thoughts on “In 40 Days!

  1. Thanks Ceez for your resume of Matthew’s thoughts. I will have a look at Matthews blog. However, I particularly enjoyed reading your own exhortation at the end of your article. Thanks for the encouragment you and Matthew give to all of us during this precious time of purification. Thaks for intrducing me to your blog! This is really great. When you do have the time I would love to welcome you here:

    May God continue to bless you and your family!

    Fr.Esprit FMI

    1. Oh, I am definitely going to visit your blog and site.
      I am wowed that you are in Canada right now too.
      It is still one of my dream places to live / visit. 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to write and read my writings.
      God’s grace to you and your ministry always Father.

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