Day #3 — Obedience

Today, I tried pondering on obedience to God particularly through an avenue of releasing what is needed to be set free. Today’s readings according to the church reminded me strongly that what God wants of me to stop pointing fingers, to rid myself of every quarrel and to quit speaking any form of wickedness. Honestly, when I introspect I really do feel like I am far from heaven, being my own worst critic and then of course often I have been angry. Today, I desire to obey God by seeking to let go of things, thoughts, behaviors, mindsets and attitudes which are of a negative nature.
I seek to release myself through obedience to God to relieve myself from self-un-forgiveness.

Importantly, I want to forgive others that I may be able to receive the forgiveness of God. Simply, I think obedience and forgiveness go together. They are interrelated, and interdependent to a great extent. Both are biblical commands that Christians are asked to utilize. They are actions words.

As I keep on this journey, I pray for the grace to look ahead with positivity, hope, love, healing, forgiveness and growth in Christ. There is still so much more I need to employ in my walk with God. Oh, I do not want to miss heaven for anything. So, I choose obedience of God today. Difficult, but possible.
The thought which captures it all: “The devil doesn’t fear austerity but holy obedience.” –St. Francis de Sales
Austerity can be good sometimes, but the fact is, it is insufficient.
God bless you today.

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