Art & reading

So today, I spent a chunk of my time working on a project, and the other part reading, and still there is so much more to be read. Have you ever tried reading three, and or four books at the same time? I know it seems silly, but I seem to get-by doing this. So, reading is going to be a major feature in my Lenten walk this year. It is a necessity really, that is why.

Anyway, the creative me was revisited last-evening to today, and so I really took pride in working on this little project of mine. I would prefer not saying too much about it at this time, for the sake of not ruining its purpose. 🙂 What I will say though, is that taking time for anything artistic, creative or self-challenging brings with it a great feeling of achievement and self-pleasure.

What does any of these have to do with Lent anyway? I think both art and reading can relate to my Lenten journey, again because the books open my mind to where my thoughts should be focused. The books spur me on toward more wholesome thoughts, and because of the content therein, I am able to self-evaluate, take notes, plan ahead, and set meaningful goals on which I can work daily.

Art in the meanwhile, give me a chance to meditate, it stirs my patient side, calms my nerves and spirit and just promotes a certain sense of inner peace which we all need. So, today, my reflection is mainly to utilize God’s gifts to me intrinsically, in an effort to enhance my extrinsic responsibilities in a meaningful and timely manner.

Today’s readings according to the church were all part of my reading. What I take from the Gospel is a reminder that to follow Christ Jesus, I must set everything down. I must leave every burden, distraction, and detractors down and fix my gaze upon Him, for it is the only time I will hear and see his will for my life. It can be often taken as symbolic or metaphorical, but today I take it literal. There is much that I have seen the need to let go of, in order to enhance my walk with Christ and neighbors. So, may today’s blessings, skills, artistry and new knowledge bear wholesome fruits in me.
Have you done anything specific lately in effort to build your inner person?

This is ofcourse a journey, it takes hard work, and requires persistence / constancy. Thus, I urge you as I encourage myself to take action, be persistent and press toward the mark be it your Lenten season or not.

Feel free to share your thoughts or plans with me. I would love to learn new things that I can do to grow.

God bless you.

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