Thoughts & Temptation!

Before I can give this blog post a title, I realize I should try to capture what my day was all about. Somehow, I spent most of the day listening, reading, and meditating, rather than doing any major hands-on work. Afterall its Sunday, and I particularly enjoy just having a light one when ever that day comes around. You can call me a traditionalist. Sunday is just the kind of day that requires that I stop, if not fully halt, that I slow down, relax, rest, and just as folk would say, “let my hair down.” — Maybe I actually did that much today too. lol

Ok, so a lot of what I listened to was the voice and teachings / preaching of Bishop T.D.Jakes. He is not of my religious persuasion, but I love the man tremendously. His words reaches my heart, and so I just had to get more and more of what he had to share in some of his sermons. Today, I particularly listened to how he spoke of the “Power of our Thoughts,” and I thought to myself, — this one is for me pal. This man can take a simple passage of scripture, and relate it so strongly to today’s time of living, it blows me away. So, I particularly liked the fact that he said God
likes to give us the raw materials to do things, rather to Create. He said we serve a creative Creator of creatures, who made us in His image and likeness. He said so we are called to be creators. Bishop Jakes mentioned that we are just one (1) thought away from our deliverance, one thought away from our miracle, from our success, from our creating something wonderful. Still we hold ourselves back, we don’t think as we should. Amazing. Oh, trust me, I must listen to this a few times again.

To compliment the quality of day, today marked the 1st Sunday of Lent, and the Gospel reading taken from the book of Mark emphasized the fact that Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, and oh was he tested and tempted. The second reading reminded us that Jesus chose to become sin, though He knew no sin, that He might experience what we as human go through and in order to teach us that they can be conquered.

Father S. George reminded us that temptations are real, and normal, and are not wrong within themselves. He said it is what we do with these temptations that matter. When we give in to them, then we have not allowed Christ to help us to get over them. He encouraged us to return to God if and when we ever fail to temptation and fall into sin. Father said that the church extends to us the opportunity to become clean again. And oh, I liked how he used the “dirty-penny” to show us that if can become clean through cleansing methods. He used that to relate to our Baptisms as Christians, reminding us that we had clean spotless souls, symbolized by our white garments then. Ofcourse over time we have soiled our souls through sinfulness and must use this blessed season of Lent to repent as the Gospel asks us, and turn back to our King.

Tonight, I am here and crave further reading of one of my favorite author’s book. So, I am calling it done for tonight with my writing, and going to get comfortable in a reading mode. In Jesus name, Tomorrow Will be a GREAT DAY.
Well, I sure hope YOU have a great one, and had a good Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts & Temptation!

  1. ONE thought away…I never thought of that… I have more than one thought..
    Thanx Moy! Always a pleasure reading.

    1. Thanks Kartelle. And it is good to know you have several thoughts, but what it will take is one of these thoughts to get us to that point I guess. 🙂 You are a constant. Stay blessed dear.

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