Whatsoever you do to the least of them….

So many things happened today, but I choose to focus on the lovely little couple whom I met. The sweet little lady celebrated her 91st Birthday, and her dear devoted husband was at her side all day. Their conversations are amazing, their exchange of whit and humor is beyond their age. I mean, there is clearly devotion, love, and honor radiating from this couple. Their family (son and family) love them dearly and ensured that her birthday was observed in a humble but loving manner.

What I took from that beauty is the Love of God. During a time of lent, we are asked to forget ourselves, focus on others and show love and appreciation for the life we have. I saw that in this couple who have spent over 70 years together as husband and wife. This is a lifetime plus. hmm I cannot tell you how amazing this is to me. With me being single, I feel a sense of hope for the concept of “LOVE” in the sense of marriage, family, devotion and faithfulness for all those who are anticipating marriage and long life togetherness. Don’t get me wrong, I am not quite a pessimist, but when I look around examples like these are far and wide. So, if I am to get married someday, I sure hope it will be with such true love and devotion.

Before you think I am in a zone of love-seeking (And what if I was? 🙂 It sure is a normal thing afterall for a sweet, single woman…lol) I share this to emphasize that during the Lenten season we need to reach out to those around us who may not be as fortunate as we are. Oh it is easy to get all self-engrossed. Take it from me. But, once you help someone else, oh what joy it brings.
So today, I made it my business to write two full emails to two wonderful friends in my life. They deserved the time.
Glad I did indeed.
So, coming back to the giving, today’s readings warn us that what we do to the least of those among us, we do to HIM (God Himself). Hey, that is some warning eh.
My prayer is to do better, do good, do best, do right, do well, and do for God’s approval if nothing else.
Oh I really want to make it to eternal happiness with HIM, so I press on this journey.

God bless you as you live your day. In good Faith, I commend my night’s rest into the hands of Father God, and entrust the tomorrow into HIS care for He is going to make it Wonderful, all in Jesus name.
God bless.

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