Attitudes & Others – both matter

It’s Tuesday, and somehow it was a busy but good one. The weather here didn’t seem too encouraging in the earlier part of the day, but I told myself it is still a lovely day. Later on, while running one of my required errands, I was elated to see the sun rays peeking through the building. That lifted an already positive mood and spirit, and I was thrilled to walk outside. The sun seemed to have been out in all of its glory.
My meditation was about living for the benefit of others, sort of forgetting myself, needs and desires and focus on that of others. Though at some points my own concerns hit me, I didn’t dwell on them. Yay to that!!! It always seems better to help others, and to make them happy in any case.

A busy but productive day – was today. Within me meanwhile, was a strong spiritual peace, one that I clung to. Nothing phased it, nothing. Interestingly one of the short conversations I shared with someone today captured the need to choose to be in control of my mental state / attitude. He was sharing how he makes big efforts to stay positive in the midst of things and situations which challenge his equilibrium. That was right up my emotional pathway, because it has been the thing at the forefront of my mind lately more than ever. Was that some co-incidence? I say No. I think it was divine within its own occurrence.

Then tonight, another conversation with a friend reaffirmed the need for us to reach out to others as I alluded to above. I think there is beauty in simple things, and so when someone says to me that they are going to visit a sick person, or a friend who has gone into “hiding” it warms my heart. It calls me to evaluate my own giving, and makes me see that indeed life is about others, not so much about ourselves, though we all have needs and desires.
So, tonight, since I have spent some time at the wellness center, building some healthy chemical reactions within my own psyche, I feel wonderful, and ready to get tonight’s chores on stream. Laundry, art, reading and prayer are top on the list. lol. I sound like a workaholic eh.

Anyway, I hope your day was wonderful, and if it wasn’t I urge you to look ahead at the morning, for Joy cometh in that time. Let us anticipate another GREAT DAY in CHRIST JESUS. I lay my burdens down, and I embrace the cross of Christ in a spirit of gratitude and victory.
God Bless y’all.

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