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There’s a reason, they say, there is a reason.
There is a reason for Everything they say!
For the sun, the rain, for every season
They say there is a reason for life’s way!

Well how I wish I could see it vividly
Protruding from every aspect of my life
How I wish reason could marry reality,
After all, life’s unfolding needs a wife.

If reason there is – then why so many Ys?
If reason there is – then why so many ifs?
Reason if real, must make its subjects wise
Reason if alive cannot remain so stiff!

I mean, there must be a reason for my season
Or I’d better not be thinking of surviving
That reason I am hoping shows on the horizon
Where my life will evolve into new thriving

There must be a reason, to bring ?s death
Why, if, maybe, possibly, supposedly?
Decisions better give reason some breath
‘Cause I’m ready to erode possibility!

There must be a reason, for reason!
Do you know the reason?
Do you have a reason?
…. reason!


2 thoughts on “There is a reason!

  1. MsAnjaW says:

    Great poem! Very talented! There is always a reason whether or not we see it. We just have to search within for for some of those reasons.

  2. Ceez Paul says:

    Thanks AnjaW “…search within for…” hmm. I tell ya!

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