It’s entirely up to me…

It is entirely up to me to:
# Stay above the water from the raging seas
# Continue writing what is on my heart
# Try to remain positive about life
# Make the hard decisions when necessary
# Let go of the things that have hurt me in the past
# Read the scriptures like I should with more meaning, taking time to ponder, reflect and meditate
# Learn to dance more often, and with greater passion
# Keep drumming up a storm, beating up a praise to God, neglecting the hurt and redness of my fingers
# Smile when I feel like crying, cry when I cannot keep it any longer regardless of who is present or absent, talk when I don’t want to if it is required, shut up when I should
# Talk less, listen more, harbor my secret thoughts till it is right to express them
# Keep reading a good book as often as my intellectual pursuit yearns a feeding
# Pray even when I don’t have any strength left to do so, and when the desire to do so totally fades
# Be grateful to those who show me unconditional love, support and deep concern when they do
# Thank those who treat me with disrespect, scorn and disregard for the wake up call to self-motivate
# Keep dancing in this hard life, even if my feet hurt; afterall it will take my mind off my ‘hurting knees’. (Inspired by the movie: “Shall we Dance?”)
# Reach out to family members even when some of them forget I exist – for the Love of God
# Love in the deepest way – when it hurts to do so
# Keep aspiring for a better life daily, by living each day with purpose and passion
# Let It Go – for good! Forgiving all who have injured me to the core
# Treat my friends with love, respect, honor and honesty always
# Treat my body best I can; since I have no other place to live here on earth
# Speak for the voiceless, advocate for justice and serve others with joy
# Keep my sanity when my head hurts, my heart bleeds and emotions rage.
# Try to – Not allow anything to unearth me,…as hard and impossible as it may be to do so.
# To be real to myself, fair to myself, selfish when it matters, and more selfless.
# Make good use of skills, talents, gifts etc that God has given me for HIS Glory and honor
# Laugh hard till my tummy hurts, shout to the top of my lungs when struck by something funny & be free to do so
# Realize that, It is Entirely Up to ME!!!

None is easy to be accomplished, but is a personal goal. Obviously, they are not one-shot things to be acquired. They are like Conversion…A journey, a constant walk, hard work and require persistence. I thus aspire! It’s Entirely UP to ME!!!

3 thoughts on “It’s entirely up to me…

  1. Yes its entirely up to you cuz none can do that for you cept love, encourage and support you.

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