Down The Time! – Discernment!

He watches over us in times of difficulties.

The following was written during the time of my discernment.  Life offers us opportunities to make tough decisions.  Glad I deliberated prayerfully, before moving.

This should express some of the labors involved in the process of discernment. 

Down the count, down the time
Descending, unstoppable, sublime
Music dies, words lose rhymes
Imbalanced heart, heavily swinging
Confused, it beats; with uncertainty reeling
Happy, or sad, jubilant or mad, deeply questioning

Destiny, plans, order, or fate
Timely, apropos, or maybe late
Time-manager, who fixed that date?
Obedience beckons at its subject
Surrender emanates from the object
Will it over, lord it master – You’re direct

Belief, faith, and hope; life’s virtues
Accordingly, subjectively, my heart’s dues!

Down the time, time it down!

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