My Twitter Journey?

To tweet, you’ve gotta breathe. To love, you’ve gotta breathe. Twitter spreads Love too. I took this photo in Colorado in 2006!

This is a question because I wonder whether I have what it takes to define a response. I was inspired to write my experience by one of my newest connections made on the said social media network. Matt Andaloro who goes by the name @andtheloro at wrote his personal story via The 7 Phases of Twitter at . Having read his story, I quickly tweeted him with my thoughts of his sharing, and so he challenged me to share mine.

Seriously, I have never given deep thought to this and so, I am actually sketchy writing this now. I thought I should say that it was out of pure curiosity that I began using this medium called Twitter. There was a point where I could not even quite spell the word, and struggled to remember my account name, and everything that goes with that. A certain level of trepidation caught a hold of me too, as I was often afraid that I didn’t quite know how to use this whole twitter thing.

Curiosity killed the cat, but I think it made me alert. It taught me to read, explore, try out, fail and retry. These simple expressions of reading, exploring, trying out, failing, and retrying best describe my journey I think. My friends were few, I tweeted and got little or no response, thus I stayed away for a long time thereafter. (Speaking of being ignored, that one social media geek always tweeted and I loved reading his work. So I followed him, and realized dude never really cared to respond to my comments about his work. Thus, over time I realized in the Twitter-World, you can un-follow people who don’t quite share your passion, or your interests, and who wouldn’t care to follow you back. You can do the maths there :).)

Having returned after messing with my profile, and the new features of the ever changing Twitter, I read, read, and read other people’s tweets, then I started using twitter to know what was happening in my locality (at that time Wichita Falls news and weather updates) and indeed, I always felt knowledgeable about my surroundings just be reading these.

The critical factor was to understand what each icon on the profile page represented. I was lost for a long time, and feared braving them, but once I did, it began to become easy. Then the whole #RT (Retweet) thing, and then the struggle to master the various abbreviations used via cell phones to follow, and unfollow people had be bamboozled. Still I persevered. Then, with hanging in there, my followers began growing. I followed more people with a greater sense of – things that interest me, and not just randomly. I read people’s guideance and followed keenly those who offered tips and tricks.

Am I a master today? No way, but I am quite at home with Twitter at present. It is easier now to relate to the discourse of Twitter. After all I am part of a worldwide community via this medium. Meanwhile, I will say, that with the ever changing, growing and developing trend of social media, one can’t remain stagnated in its usage. We must keep abreast with its changes. To do that, is to read, try out, brave the fears of failures, fail sometimes, ask questions, seek help, and work at it. This is not at all comprehensive, but it is what I can share at the moment about My Twitter Journey. Today, my follwing is growing, and I am meeting some wonderful and cool people, who are more than some #automessage – (which I dislike), but people who are proving to be great motivators in a world often cold. Thus, my twitter journey proceeds and my learning expands. Have you tried twitter yet? Give it shot.

My first tweet was like jeee — it was sent on: 26 July ’09
“trying to get better to go to school on the new day God willing..” Clearly it was asking for more. lol.

I have used Twitter to:
Meet new people who share my interests
A short stint of job hunting just after Univ.
Post links to and promote my blog
Share and discuss faith matters
Express sympathy and empathy
Market my new book
Keep informed about my homeland and world events
Know what the weather will be like in my locality
Follow NBA / World Cup Football, Cricket and the likes
Read the word / quotes and thoughts
Learn about blogging, book writing, and relationship building
The point is: Usage of Twitter has a lot of benefits. Give it a shot today, conquer your fear, but hey, don’t get addicted. It can be addictive :). Have fun.

2 thoughts on “My Twitter Journey?

  1. Ceez, I thoroughly enjoyed this blog!
    Why? Because recently I have been obligated to start my own “professional” Twitter journey. That’s right. A professional Twitter account. (Previously I did have a personal account)
    I am currently enrolled in an Honors Program upper level course – Internet and Society- which has several requirements, one of which is the construction of your own”Personal Brand”. Hence I was required to create a professional Twitter account. Thus far, I have several individuals in my profession whom I follow and who follow.

    I guess we will see how MY journey unfolds but for now thanks for sharing yours!

    1. Hey Keebz,
      It is so nice connecting with you via this medium. And am I happy that you are working on the Kebansf Brand :).
      Thank you for visiting my blog, and hey, well please send me the twitter name too so I can follow you. 🙂
      Or is it that you are to keep it limited to the classmates? lol

      Keep writing dear, and I am going to check your blog out asap.
      Best regards with your journey.

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