Just Another Year?

ImageAge is natural, to age is inevitable.  A few days ago, I grew numerically older.  That number can be significant in the science of things.  Still it can be insignificant if I care less about what the number all means.  Whoever said that by a certain age, we should all acquire a certain amount of amenities, relationships, achievements, and the rest?  

Society dictates a calendar it seems, and if we are not careful, once the calendar of our personal existence gets filled, we may fall into a state of sheer depression.  I think HECK NO!  I am in no way, shape or form going to subscribe to this concept.  So, I enjoy the fact that I am one year older, but acknowledge that I have been getting older by the seconds.  The every breath that we take points us one second closer to our final early breath.  This fact is undeniable.

On that premise, I choose to enjoy these moments of my life.  Life is not easy at all, but oh it can be fun.  Thus, I am commiting to making this new year a blessed and holy one.  One based on faith, as being projected and promoted by the Holy Father as the Year of Faith (Oct 11th 2012 – some time in 2013).  I am getting excited about this entire prospect.

In many ways, I have begun a new year.  A new post at work, which has begun to demand a new learning curve from me.  One where professionalism requires a hike, where negotiation skills must become alive, where confidence must ride high above naysayers, and where peace of mind will dictate the proper usage of wisdom from on-high.  My daily practice among other things, is to pray Wisdom chapter 9 daily.  I tell you, discernment is going to be key here.

Happy Birthday to me.  Happy new year to me.  Happy life with every Breath to me.  Happy Happy.  Let God arise above all my plans, concerns, insecurities, confusions, frustrations, desires, longing, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Wish me well.  How do you view Birthdays?

God bless you today and always.

10 thoughts on “Just Another Year?

  1. I consider EVERYDAY a gift. Birthdays to me are just a reminder of all those seconds, minutes, hours, days and months that I’ve been blessed with.

  2. Great post Ceez! All the best on your journey. Haven’t really given to much thought about birthdays. But I always do a count down because I am excited that I am blessed to see another year. I try not to think of the fact that I’m getting older, but think of it as getting more mature. On birthdays I’m blessed to be granted another year of life to right my wrongs & make a difference where I can. A year to set more goals and work to its accomplishments. A year to learn & experience new things. A year to show others that I appreciate them on my life. And most of all another year to praise God and continue working on living my life the way He will want me to. That’s my views on birthdays.

    1. Rich perspective indeed. I actually think I embrace these values too. As a matter of fact, I neglected mentioning that for the past 12 years or so, I have made it my business to attend morning mass on my birthdays. It seems the most appropriate way to begin the day. I do think about plans and aspirations as well. It is the fact that indeed, I am getting numerically older, and the many questions start surfacing. Like…”Don’t you want children?” and the likes. I will not be purturbed by such askings. I see no reason to be actually. lol. Curiosity, questionings, and a kind of pitiable scepticism by supposedly “patrons.” But, that’s the life of a single woman in her thirties. Almost expected, as if this behavior from people is synonymous with my growing older. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us here. Be blessed and keep positive AnjaW

  3. I like that post Moy! I am also very happy for you that you have been blessed to fit in a position not too long from your being back home.
    When it’s my birthday, I see it as an extension of life given to me by HIM and I am always thankful and grateful. As to other people’s birthdays, I show respect by sincerely wishing them a good one etc. I don’t let the number phase me and what should come with it like society says.


    1. Way to go Dread. People’s birthdays mean a lot to me too. Birthdays should definitely be about Gratitude and Thanksgiving. Positive outlook. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Ceez thanks for another great read and share.  Again happy birthday!  Happy every second/breath WE all take. 

    As I grow older, (AgE), and I never thought I would grow old ( smiles) I am realizing how much more vital it is to accept The Call to His works, His mission to which we are each, I am, called.  With that in mind the societal values placed on us seems to fade. What society expects or demands is trivial since achievements, successes are just too individual, too unique too personal to compare.  And this lil bit of what I know for sure is enough to make my every stumbling attempts to mission a bit easier.  

    Time/ timing/ birthdays have become so much more precious, valued, appreciated. Time to do right, time to do good time to leave footprints that tells your best stories.  That is not to say my childhood / teenage carefree days were not precious, valued, appreciated too. However, I  am tending to pack and take with me ONLY the past SPECIAL moments as my aging, growing in faith journey continues along its path. 

    As news of friends, acquaintances, neighbors, even strangers within my age group flash across my screen of their sudden departures, I learn to even more Dearly Appreciate the quality of life I choose to live. So the person who says each day is like a new birthday, to me that sounds about right. That’s the kind of intensity I am trying to live my life these days challenging as this is. 

    Ceez my picture profile on the rock over the water. That was my fortieth birthday and that was the calm I felt after coming from my bday mass. It is so important to offer each day to the Lord. And even so much more special your birthday in a mass. WOW!  I’ve been practicing that myself a few years now and it’s beautiful. 

    God grant you many years of more inspiring writing and growth in faith boundless. I thank God for you- an esteemed woman. Smiles. 

    1. Glo, keep writing. I just started reading…
      Thank you so much for your deep and thoughtful sharing.
      Thank you for the encouragement to keep breathing each new breath with purpose.
      God bless you today.

  5. According to my boss, none of us has an expiry date stamped on our foreheads. Therefore, we should always celebrate our birthday. I love my birthday and look forward to it every year. God bless

    1. Muyum,
      Thanks for the comment.
      To me just a few days ago, I was at prayer meeting and someone said we all have an expiry date? lol. Well then, maybe we do, but it’s not on our foreheads.
      Where ever that date is, the master of dates knows, so the “dates” He makes us see are definitely meants to be cherished and enjoyed.
      Thanks again and God bless.

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