It is High Time…

To tweet, you've gotta breathe.  To love, you've gotta breathe.  Twitter spreads Love too.
To tweet, you’ve gotta breathe. To love, you’ve gotta breathe. Twitter spreads Love too.

One week ago, on a program “Ceez-the-Moment” which I recently began hosting on the PossieVibrations Radio within the Town of Portsmouth, I focused on the song – “A Woman’s Worth” by a new Female Calypsonian – Mrs. Sherian Parillon Letang – De Elektra – (Her Calypso name). Our discussion focused on the importance of knowing our worth as women, and upholding that value. De Elektra exclaimed that this thought for her song has always been something she wanted to sing about. Some of our callers mentioned the great need for our young ladies within the Town to have more good female role models. I was urged to do something practical about this, and I thought that this has been on my heart for a while too. Women were exalted, local women of high esteem were highlighted and young ladies were urged to value themselves, cherish their worth and aim for a better quality of life in our daily events.

As if to curse the great effort, very early in the week thereafter, the horrible news of two of our young ladies being exposed in the most explicit ways via the internet made waves. We couldn’t help but wonder what our little Dominican society is quickly deteriorating into. The value system seems to be eroding, as if in a whirlwind of filth, children are no longer seen as precious, young ladies are being seen as sex objects, and irresponsible use of the internet to project and promote these seem to be a cool thing to do. How can men and women (young and grown), propagate this derogatory and degrading act in such speed by forwarding this video without second thoughts about its impact on the victims? The sad reality is that, this once it hits the WWW is almost virtually immortal.

I know it is easy for people to pass judgements on the young ladies, but clearly we should realize their naivety was exploited by a vindictive male. My general attitude toward our male brothers is not negative, neither do I see all men in light of being wicked, exploitative nor abusive in such manner, but let us face it folks, isn’t that some wicked, malicious and irresponsible act? This is major, and I personally condemn this negative act within our society being propagated by male and female alike. Please note: I do not know the victims nor the perpetrators. It is high time that we offer some level of respect for our children, our minors and women on a whole. It is high time that our laws become more enforced and not remain mere legislated thoughts on the aged law-books. It is high time for us to speak up against such nonsense, and rally the positive energies of our young men and women. It is high time.

My friends, Ceez does not hold the answers to this evil phenomenon of sexual abuse, incest, domestic violence, gang wars and malice that plague our society more and more, but WE together can find solutions. Let your voice be heard on this matter. What can we do?
To those who know the young ladies who must be currently suffering from this darkness, please note: They will need all the support we can possibly give them. So, rally around them, encourage them to know that Grace of God abounds, forgiveness is available, and God can lift their heads. Remind them that they will come through this in time. Teach them about forgiveness on all counts, and hold their hands.

To those of you know know the perpetrators: Urge them to man-up and come and face the penalty for their coward act. Urge them to repent, to seek forgiveness from God and others, ask them to bring healing to the situation by being remorseful, and tell them to teach a young person that this is dangerous. Tell them – Change is Possible. So, with that said, please do the right, for really, they cannot hide forever.

Finally, to all of us I say: Society is US. WE fail to participate in society, and we allow the filth of it to take precedence and prominence. We need to Protect our Children, thereby protecting ourselves. We need to realize that the use of the internet responsibly is vital. We need to avoid abuse of this system, and utilize the internet for good rather for its adverse. We must note that, the internet is a great asset but can be manipulated for evil. Never forget that. With this said:

What are some practical things we can do as a nation and or community to address such darkness?
Please feel free to share here. We need a plan of action.

Be blessed!

2 thoughts on “It is High Time…

  1. Ceez, I bookmarked this to read when you first wrote it, so pardon the delay. I am outraged when I hear about gender violence and/or violence toward women. I am even more outraged at the complicity and enabling systems that allow it in their silence. This goes for individuals as well. I am not aware of the incident you referenced. I don’t need specifics, but please do point me in the direction of programs/entities that are already place in DA that are designed to provide a “refuge” to women affected by violence of any kind (including domestic violence). Perhaps I can partner with them to make a bigger impact.

    Be Well,

    1. Hi SomerEmpress,

      Thank you for the comments and for sharing the passion for the disadvantaged.
      Sadly in Dominica, we don’t quite have a place (to my knowledge) where women who suffer Violence
      can go to. It is really sad. We need such a facility or two.

      Stay positive, and little by little in our own small ways, we can contribute to the positivity necessary.

      Best regards,

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