P1010243Have you ever felt the need to challenge yourself?  Of course you have felt that way before.  Well, for me, I more than feel to do so, I intend to give a challenge a shot.  Today, I prepare to embark on a new journey, one that will allow me to explore new life’s possibilities.  A great level of curiosity is what I intend to take with me to that new “classroom” of life.

To attempt anything new requires that we utilize a level of curiosity.  As if contradictory to this, the famous adage that “curiosity killed the cat” comes rushing through my mind with a plan to sabotage my new enthusiasm.  Thinking aloud I shout to the top of my voice, – “Oh thief of fear and doubt, get the heck out of here.”  This thief forgets that I am aware of the other adage that “Cats have nine lives”?  It is with this knowledge of “nine-lives” that I am going to press on toward my new challenge.  

Employment of the nine-life effect will hold my curiosity just where it requires to be.  Snooping, questioning, reading, researching, listening, writing, and exploring will be some tools at use during the next 13 weeks of my life.  A sense of hope rushes through my psyche as I prepare to mentally dig deeply towards the commencement of this new intellectual challenge.

If you have a curiosity, if you are thinking about attempting a new challenge, give it a shot.  Life happens, but not like guesswork.  Rather, life happens by the seconds, constantly, unstoppably and requires that we engage it, more that exist in it.

At this stage, I choose to withhold information as pertains to my curiosity, except to call it a challenge, a new dimension.  I hope you can wish me well as I embark on this one in which I intend to fully engage myself.

Meanwhile, give your desire to challenge yourself, an opportunity to do so.  I will share a quote from a friend who was struck by it once it was shared with her by a wise elder: “If you want to get into the arena, you must get into the corridor.”  I am heading toward a new corridor starting tomorrow, hoping to get into a new and exciting arena.  Hopefully when success strikes, I will be more than happy to share it all with you.  🙂

God bless.

2 thoughts on “Curiosity!

  1. Well you know I will alway be happy for you and wish you success but I must say that you have stirred my curiosity. However as you say I will be patiently awaiting the results amd the enlightenment. So my dear go for it whatever it is.

    1. Heya, thanks much Alice. Indeed, sometimes we anticipate more from things than there actually are. All the same, I am pressing on toward a mark. One day, I will share the information with you.

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