Fear NOT – Quit Not Yourself!

L'express“Fear not, for God is with you, Fear Not!”   — Isaiah 41:10

The fear of pressing on amidst life’s many questionable challenges always tends to show its ugly face, when we would prefer otherwise.  For some people, God is an abstract being, so a statement like the above may not stand nor hold any substance to them.  For those of us who believe in a higher power, whom we call God, we hold on to this reality, that fear is never bigger than HIM.

Whatever you call HIM, if you believe in a higher, and supreme being, when fear knocks at your door like a thief, remember you are not alone.  It is easy however, to feel like you are alone, like all is lost, like nothing works, or that all is falling apart.  Let me remind you to steer the course because it is worth pressing on against fear and its relations.

Believe me, I have thought about quitting on so many things and individuals.  Somewhere during my lifetime I have actually quit for good.  There are times when it is necessary to quit entirely, and otherwise, there are times to quit for a moment.  In my second book – “Moving Out of the Crowd”, I encourage movement when it is necessary.  The truth is often, we find ourselves in places, and spaces where our well-beings are more at risk, than the adverse.  So, move we often have to.

Still, we must learn to hang on tightly when it is necessary.  That may mean that we must look fear in the face and say:  Not Today, I am NOT Quitting on myself, I Will Press on, I will Endure, I Will Succeed.  Press on Today and trust in God, whom ever your God is, for He is with you!  A great way to start is by repeating these expressions as often as necessary.  So here goes:  Today, I am NOT Quitting on myself, I Will Press on, I will Endure, I Will Succeed – I am NOT a quitter.”

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