World in Crisis – Oh Easy-liver

P1000004.JPGWorld in major crisis!  What has gone wrong?  A lack of peace, with an intense increase in the presence of war is plaguing various corners of this space we call the human home.  Mother earth is bawling from the deepest recesses of her belly complements the wickedness of humanity itself.   Interestingly, everyone who perpetuates, and or promotes the violence believes he or she is acting justly, rightly and is pleasing the self and his or her god.

The confusion is inexplicable to the average easy-liver.  The Easy-liver is someone who just wants to be allowed to live his or her life without fear and threat of being cut down innocently by some extremist.  This type of individual pursues tranquility in the simple things of life, consciously avoids complications, and would like to travel the world, simply to behold the splendor of its creator.

The easy-liver wants to dine tasting various cuisine, is curious about the languages spoken in distant lands and is itching to try their own tongue at conversing with the natives of those lands.  The easy-liver is curious, and is hungry for the sublime.  After all when life was less advanced, and industrialization was null, the sublime was the real deal.   Has sublimity been completely eradicated from this crazy world?

Supposedly, the easy-liver is unrealistic, seemingly even prehistoric.  To desire such old-fashioned lifestyle seems crazy in this chaotic world in any case.  Many travelers may say it is no longer fun taking an airplane from one country to another. The security measures are demanding, the mere fear of sitting in an aircraft with an undiscovered lunatic is lurking, and then the hassle of getting through some immigration officers despite owning clean slates are inescapable.

Speaking of violence and wars – one may be tempted to look at distant shores.  Lately, our close neighbors are daily under fire.  The stories of shootings are horrific; the anger being perpetuated by some fractions of that US Society is scary, because cliche has it that when the US sneezes, we in our region catch the cold.  Hopefully, we can vaccinate our region utilizing created and existing tools, including a strong regional bond.  Nonetheless, we must remain aware, and pray for the lands which surround us.

As if we are bringing to reality the known fact that “history repeats itself”, there is a feeling of anxiety among easy-livers; because systems of the past which caused mass murders in the world are now front and center page issues.  Racism, religious differences and disrespect for human freedoms are upfront.  Who would have thought that in a world so technologically advanced that is it now seen as a global village, people would be seeking to build walls of destruction?  As if the world has totally regressed, and that regression is showing its ugly face through the anger and violence being displayed by various sects and factions.  Arguably, maybe the world never advanced from its state of confusion, but was just band aiding some deep wounds for centuries as if hypocritically.

Today, the world itself is yearning for the ability to grasp a sigh of relief from all that drama.  Sadly, man seems unwilling to allow that woman to breathe freely.  For the easy-liver, the resolution should be to keep living as best as possible within the existing chaotic world, for to stop living is to die emotionally and physically.  To all easy-livers, keep living as best as you can.  Besides, easy-livers must defy these deadly odds.


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