Faith amidst world madness!

p10406372017 has begun with many new developments. A new President for the United States, a new program plan on the job, new orders being signed by D.Trump, new daily news, new shocking observations as pertains to our own nations’s development. New, new new.

Amidst the newness, I suspect there is a level of trepidation that is plaguing various sectors of our world, and our citizenry here in Dominica. This, coupled with deep uncertainty of what this year will bring make it difficult for the average peace-loving, justice-seeking and carefree-world-citizen to relax and hope that all will fall in place for the good of the majority.

The Wall, the threat to hike taxes on Mexican imports, the disagreement about paying or not paying for that wall, the rumors of the CBI (Citizenship By Investment) program, the constant political noises blurring through cars, and homes tuned in to various radio stations and television channels here at home all cloud our focus. Then, there are the frequent horrible deaths, the all too many vehicular accidents, violations of people’s rights and freedoms, the harassment of patrons to our land by a minority and dishonoring of our Tourism Industry, and heck the list can just go on and on.

Is there any form of positivism to tap into? Maybe some will argue, that there is some of that covertly existing in some of the aforementioned challenges. So, maybe there is some hope there. But alas, one must look elsewhere for an assurance, a solid source of hope, a strong wall to lean on, an investment one can take to the above-the-world’s largest bank and indeed an accident-free and incident-free environment. Is there such a thing existing anywhere in our world, or in our little island?

To answer this, I will tap into the definition of FAITH – (Forgetting All In Trust of HEAVEN)! The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. So, one must be aware of what is going on in our world; certainly, but must keep his or her eyes on an existing realm beyond the tangible, edible, and legible. To entrust one’s energies to the debris of this life, is to forfeit many a grace, strength and hope for a better place, time, and space.

Simply put, I cannot put my trust in things of this world, for all these things will eventually come to nought. They will vanish, man will lose his power, woman will lose her charm, leaders will fall, change, be changed, be replaced, lose their voice, be made humble, and death will steal some away. God in His Majesty will remain. Thus, I look to this unchanging Hand! I look to God amidst this world’s drama. FAITH persists. Not that I will not see troubles, or experience personal challenges.  When they come though, I will be able to dig deeply toward a place of abundant grace and peace.

Hope you can faithfully join me on our quest toward a higher standard of life way beyond this fleeting world. What say you?

Be Blessed!

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