Do You Care to Care?

Today on my way to visit a housebound relative, I spotted a familiar elderly man literally struggling to get to his home under a downpour.  With genuine concern I reversed the car and offered him a ride.  To my surprise the elder’s visual ability was rather bad, and so his cane serves as a guide.  That visual impairment prevented him from crossing the gutter unto the main road.  That meant that I was left to get out of the driver’s seat to assist him.

Thankfully, just as I was getting out, a kind young lady ran toward us with an umbrella and assisted with getting him to sit in the car.  That was so uplifting to see, and it shed a light of hope about us as a community.

Once he was seated, we were on our way.  In between small talk and lamentations of a typical elder, I sought to find out exactly where he lived, and he ranted about the fact that he was denied a drink at a shop because the teller refused to sell him the coke he wanted.  I suspected that it was really more than the coke he was denied.  The new odor which drowned the Black Iced air freshener aroma it was evidence enough.

This did not deter my quest to get this man to his home as safely and as dry as I possibly could.  Interestingly, once we got close enough to the junction of his home, I parked where I thought it would be closest and easiest for him.  Well, that was my biggest error.

While helping him out of the car, off the road and unto the side walk we were immediately sandwiched by two vehicles.  I clearly hindered that traffic flow, and knew that, but ignored it to facilitate the man who couldn’t do better for himself.  Well while one was quite patient, the other was rather agitated and highly impatient it seems.  Man, did he use his horns.

People Nowadays be like

Humility has taught me that I cannot be both wrong and strong, so I simply waved my hand asking them both to grant me a moment to take the gentle man to safety and shelter.  That did not stop the agitated driver.  Anyway, once I got him to a good spot, way was made for them to continue unto their business.

This situation left me thinking and wondering; where did we lose the patience to accommodate the weaker among us, where did we grow so cold that all that matters is our agendas?  How did we become so insensitive to the needs of others? Why are we so volatile?

My hope is that no amount of youthfulness, success and busyness will prevent me from extending empathy, care, concern and assistance to the less fortunate be-them elders or youth, male or female.  After all, we are responsible for them just as much.   So, do you care enough to care?                 Let us make a genuine and concerted effort to extend care when and where possible.  We may not always get it right and perfect, but our motives and willingness to decrease the level of pain and or discomfort will make a world of difference.

4 thoughts on “Do You Care to Care?

    1. Thank you Cous. We must see ourselves and our elder relatives in the elders and less fortunate we encounter on a daily basis. That stirs my heart. I certainly appreciate your taking time to read the post. Blessings to you!

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