Teacher Maria

Teacher Maria, you spared no student

Unleashed your lessons without restraint

Your test we’d pass, we were confident

Your plans being stronger made us relent


Prior to class we were all in high spirits

Flexing our muscles, rehearsing our lines

After all, your colleagues gave us merits

Irma, and Harvey weak teachers in our minds

Once class began all students got tensed

Seemingly your exam was beyond the norm

Using every tool and technique for defense

You proved to us roughly that you were in form


Teacher Maria, your test was horrible

The thing is it didn’t end with one class

We awaited those results bathed in rubbles

While you exposed societies woes amass.


No other Teacher gives new info during exams

You the unorthodox broke every rule

Your principal suggested “students pray the Psalms,

Because Maria’s fury will treat you all like fools.”


We were really just hoping for a breeze

But teacher, you struck us with no mercy

We were debating that it’ll only be a quiz

What we didn’t know was you were deadly


Some things you taught, some students got

Some lessons you explained many reject

The value of interdependence some sought

The greed that drives people – a subject


As a student, Teacher you I really detest

All due respect to your strength and vigor

Still I’ll try studying harder for future tests

From those like you whom I personally abhor


In case you are wondering what I’ll remember

The way you exposed my society’s filth,

Its greed and lack of foresight beyond 18th September

The unemployment & imprisonment we are left with


That your day turned some students into farmers

Wielding cutlasses days after as if out of style

Looking neither to start nor find needed embers

Ridding owners off properties and jobs with a vile


You taught us harshly, the only way you knew

Maybe in your eyes other teachers were too lenient

Really all the blame of our failure can’t be put on you

For who and how we are as a people well spent


Teacher Maria, though you are long gone

Your mischief exposed for generations

Our Class we will restore despite forlorn

Improving study strategies, post your education!


With the future being unpredictable

Plus scary projections since you,

We dread any teacher compatible

We despise any semblance or a clue


Teacher Maria, even you eventually faded

The lessons learned, the stories being told

We rejoice that you and yours are all jaded

DA stands longer than you foretold









4 thoughts on “Teacher Maria

  1. Haha! Nice one! I really enjoyed how you gave Maria human qualities…Master Teacher we shall all remember! Your description of her antics, her mannerisms and the shock of her hapless students did capture the ferocity of the storm and its impact on the people. True, Dominica persists though Maria is no more, however, the scars remind of her brutality and the lessons learnt, indelibly etched. Great going, Ceez!

    1. Hi Vellie, thank you for the wonderful commend. Indeed, your encouragement is appreciated. The scars are really hard to look at on a regular basis. Still we press on. Be blessed and thanks again.

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