#PreserveOurBoys Work-Forum! – The Rational!

FB_IMG_1515539337898Some of you may have read and responded to my recent post on “Saving Our Boys” as can be found on my blog.  After having written about the gun-violence issue in the Town which directly affects that group, and having advocated for us to be a more proactive people, I think that it is necessary for me to do more than write about it; thus, the birth of the #PreserveOurBoys Work-Forum.

People are generally familiar with the term ‘workshop’, but I have chosen under the banner of my Official Page “Ceez On-Demand” to initiate and dub the event as a Work-Forum.  The purpose hoping to be captured in the term ‘work-forum’ – is  the need for sensible and directed dialogue within an amicable environment, where dialogue transcends into Workable objectives which are SMART!

It cannot be clearer that, we have a problem on our hand in this town, and that there are a number of “boys-related” matters that I can highlight from the top of my head.  Notwithstanding my observations, as mentioned somewhere before, I certainly do not hold the answers to our society’s problems.  Collectively though, within a shared space, some workable options can be explored.

Hopefully, after January 30th, a much needed blue-print toward means to #PreserveOurBoys can be developed and pursued.

Allow me to establish as well that importantly, ‘boys’ here does not strictly refer to male children under the age of eighteen.  It actually refers to just our males – (boys, young men, male young-adults, men).   Sadly, that sex has been referred to as an endangered-specie.   If this is the case, then that specie also endangers all of humanity within its reach.  This thought makes it enough to warrant an effort; therefore, I stand behind, promote and intend to do my utmost to see this Work-Forum materialize.  More than that though, I intend to see, push, participate in and advocate for positive movements within the town to address this dire need.  While much is unclear, this first step will lend itself to creating some clarity.

While the support of the entire community is welcome, what this ‘Ceez On-Demand’ initiative desires is a cadre of community-minded, youth-friendly and authentically -caring individuals.  Once a reasonable number of individuals have expressed their commitments to attend, registration for the work-forum will be closed.  This will allow for a manageable number of individuals to meaningfully and effectively participate in charting a much needed course to #PreserveOurBoys.

Meanwhile, many parents, siblings, friends, children and loved ones of the fallen victims of violence, perpetrators, and even the silent initiators continue to live in fear, loss, guilt, thirst for vengeance and deep hurts.  Thus, to do nothing, is to allow this ugly wound to fester, thereby putting us all at higher risk.

In anticipation of a positive and productive event!

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