A Call To Worship

40131308_10155608044865965_8585435399009075200_nMany people who do not subscribe to what I may believe will probably frown on the latest call for us to gather to worship.  I strongly believe we have an obligation to surrender to God daily, not just when we accept Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives, but on a regular basis.  The point is that, we are in relationship with Jesus, and must remain connected to Him.  After all, He is the Source and Summit of our faith.  So, to profess that we Love Him and not set aside the quality time to honor and worship Him, is to be contrary to our own profession.

The Call to Worship is for All people, especially for all of us who claim to belong to God.  We are called by many people to do many things, often things which have nothing to do with strengthening our connection with God the creator.  There are many voices screaming out our names, seeking to win our attention and responses.  We must know the difference and determine who we would like to follow, who we would like to choose and whom we choose to serve.     

Last Sunday’s Gospel from John 6:60-69 reminded us of just that call – the call to choose whom we will serve.  Joshua in the first reading then, also made it clear to the tribes of Israel that as for him and his household, they will serve the Lord.

As a nation, we must choose whom we will serve.  WE must choose to whom we will devote our time, efforts and energies.  Dominica can do with all the prayerful moments at this time.  After all, our moral fabric is being tested and tried more than ever, or maybe a sense of history seeks to repeat itself.  We must renounce all things contrary to Christ’s ways.  Worship is a Great Place to start, dwell and remain.

On that note, I kindly invite all of you within the locality of the Portsmouth Catholic Church, to join us on Sunday 2nd September, 2018 from 4:00 pm to spend some quality time basking in the presence and power of Jesus Christ.  Come and Worship, as indeed WE ARE CALLED TO WORSHIP JESUS CHRIST our LORD.

WELCOME!  There will be a time of prayer and supplication for we have many a need to seek the face of God on behalf of Dominica, our Young men, our Political and Religious Leaders, and our own personal intentions.  A remnant is needed to pray!  Come And Worship.

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