Ceez – on Demand

Grow Professionally, Evolve Personally & Embrace Advocacy

Within a short two weeks, we have had three dreadful murders within our small island.  This is not news to shout about, neither is it something we want to publicize.  The public debate continues, and so does the blame game.  What baffles me is how some of the political parties are busy seeking to prove their points about who is the cause of these occurrences.  p1070003

Are we serious about seeking solutions to this obvious urgent crisis pinching at our social fabric?  The effect of blame is that, we divert from the true issue with the hope of convincing ourselves that we have little or no responsibility to what ever the problem might be.

This current behavior is a clear demonstration of the fact that this little Dominica needs unity.  We are so very divided, and especially politically.  I mean, every single event is interpreted via political eyes, to the extent that the effort to seek empirical evidence for our social demise is seemingly ignored by all and sundry.  While many are aware of the reasons for these dreadful killings, and will not divulge any information to the powers that be, efforts to discover these true and real reasons are being ignored.  It appears to me that some key voices and leaders in Dominica are more interested in seeking to score political points, than to seek solutions to this problem.

While all this debate persists, Dear Dominica, your young men are getting lost in droves, your women are being left to feel helpless, your populace is hungry for vengeance, and your legislature is now busy grappling for a way to curb this madness.  What we are missing, however; is the element of collaboration to conquer this monster.  

The negligence of a collective attempt at solution finding is evidence of a social inability.  It is also a revelation of a certain kind of fear.  A fear of ourselves, a fear of what the perpetrators will think about us, a fear of whether we lose votes if we take a strong stance against this malaise.   We must recognize that, to fear is to avoid dealing with the problem head on.  To fear is to run away from this social illness, and to avoid the true discourse that is still wanting.  To fear is to allow the perpetrators the right, freedom and power to continue to instill fear, and a sense of hopelessness among our populace.  To fear is to lie, to dodge the real problem, and to cast blames.   To fear cannot be the way, since to fear is to be docile and laid back.

Let us stop the madness, and seek collaborative means to take back the safety, peace and security of our island.  We must collaborate in word and deed.  We must collaborate like adults, mature adults who can set aside biases and put front and center the souls of our young people.  That means both religiously and politically.  The institutional separations are way to strong among and within us.  I really hope those with the social, political and religious powers and placements can truly lead the charge for a collective approach.

Who is gonna lead the charge against this deep seated fear?  We needed it like yesterday.


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