Respect the – Can’t Accept!

DSCN0781[1]Just about two weeks ago, I wrote a post on Facebook stating my perplexity with the way our town folks are being criticized by some elements of our society in and out of Dominica.  Unbeknownst to me, a statement meant for good would have come under much criticism by a minority I might add; still the criticisms came.

In life everyone understands the same statement differently, and so that kind of reaction is expected.   You see, our understanding of a statement by someone else has everything to do with our orientations, biases, beliefs and dispositions.  Well, these I have no control over, and so I cannot prevent the misconstruing, nor can I prevent the slurs shot at me on the social media platform, and behind my back in person.

Expressions such as hypocrite, wicked, wisely-wicked were tossed at me, on my page, behind my  back, to my friends on my behalf and among those who know me, believe in me and understand from what angle the post was written.  I was labelled to be of a certain political color, and was given a god that I could never make my God.  So, the long and short of all this is that, I wrote and I got blows for it.    Image08302011133517 Continue reading


Universal Children’s Day

Today is recognized as Universal Children’s Day.  An annual event observed “to improve child welfare worldwide, promote and celebrate children’s rights and promote togetherness and awareness amongst all children.”   I urge you to join in the #worldchildrensday event on social media, as I intend to do likewise.   Obviously, the need to observe such a day is much bigger than merely participating in a hashtag event.    FB_IMG_1515539337898     At this moment, if anything special is being done here in Dominica to observe the day let us contribute in whatever way possible.  I believe creating the awareness of the need to protect, preserve and defend children and their rights should be a priority throughout the world, no less in the nature isle.

Today in our island, many children are still disadvantaged, the rights of a sizable number are still being violated, some are being used, abused and misused by adults, parents, friends of families, siblings, fellow-students, and just downright heartless humans.  Some are also being refused through neglect, and advantaged through verbal and psychological mischief.  Meanwhile, we still grapple with the pains of not having sufficiently stringent laws that complement the need to meet the mandate to protect all children.    Continue reading

Protect Our Children! Penalize the Perpetrators

P1070759            Child Sexual Abuse – is a real and deadly phenomenon in our land.  Hiding it under a bushel will not do us any good, and our future generations will be unproductive if we fail to protect them.  The societal impact will be detrimental.

Child Sexual Abuse “is sexual exploitation or sexual activities with a child under circumstances that indicate that the child’s health or welfare is harmed or threatened.  This definition includes inappropriate sexual activities between children and adults.”) – Family Violence Legal, Medical and Social Perspectives – Harvey Wallace pg.66.

Two types of sexual abuse are extra-familial; (which refers to exploitative sexual contact with perpetrators who may be known to the child – neighbors, babysitters, live-in partners), and intra-familial (which includes incest, and refers to any type of exploitative sexual contact occurring between relatives). 

This recent abuse being discussed widely on social media, but which has occurred in our island is cause for concern.  This child unfortunately is being advantaged, and raped over and over again by the promotion of the video and the blames that are being placed on her.   Who is going to protect her?  Who is going to help her to regain her dignity, build her self-confidence and aim toward a productive and happy future?  Continue reading

Quit Inundating Us during Storms

Social media is great, and with its popularity the world we live in has shrunk.  We are a small village.  I mean literally, everything that happens in every corner of the world can be within our reach in lightening speed.  One can hail this as a wonderful invention and human progress.  Cheers!  P1000576

One step back, and social media can be a grand annoyance.  I specifically want to speak of the level of inundation that sweeps through my cell phone and social media feeds during the times of storms and disasters, accidents and heart-breaking incidents.  The sharing makes sense, but am I the only one who feels like some people just need to take a chill-pill during those horrible occurrences?  Some people just literally block up the phone space with photos, videos, and unnecessary rantings during such horrible times.

Maybe some of us would prefer to not know what is really happening at the moment; since probably during the time of the bad experiences we just want to center ourselves to a higher place where peace resides?  Maybe the pictures and videos lead to negative emotions like anxiety, depression, confusion and stress especially post Maria Trauma.  We must not forget that many people are still carrying fresh scars from both TS Ericka (2015) and Hurricane Maria (2018).  The inundation has potential to trigger mental breakdowns.

The decision to shut off all Whats App chats, or just turn off the phone is something  each person can decide to do.   It is about the power that is within our reach as relates to these annoyances.   Still, our netiquette, and social media courtesies are lacking.  You see there is information, and then there is too much information (TMI).  There is sharing or sensitizing, and then there is spamming.   Heck, yesterday’s rainy, flooding event was really painfully spam-y for me, and I bet for others.

Granted, I understand the need for the sharing of some of that info, especially for our friends, families and international patrons abroad.  The news is good, but the constant sending, re-sending, over-sending of those videos and photos via people’s private group chats, is just too much.

What I am actually seeking is a level of consideration from all and sundry.  If one has a photo or video and chooses to send it to others, I suggest you take the opportunity to request the permission of the other person.  As for sending them in a chat / group shared by many, this is even more crucial.  Show some consideration, and restrain yourself for the sake of the sanity and respect of others.   Do remember, some people are on several Whats App groups and may receive some of the same materials multiple times.  Let us stop the inundation, especially during the storms.

How do you feel about this matter?  Do you think that the sharing turns into spamming for you?  Your comments are welcome.

Called To Be Resilient


Our Portsmouth

A word, an expression, a term I shunned, disliked and totally got a bit fed up of simply because it is being swung to and fro by our populace with good intentions in some circles, and with malicious intentions in others.

Still, I thought, if I seek to view this terminology in a different light, with new eyes, maybe it will make the necessary sense to me.  Undoubtedly there are many who share this sentiment of skepticism toward the concept, be them what they may – the reasons.

Resilient means “able to stand or recover quickly from difficult conditions ” – English Oxford Dictionary.    Despite how one may feel, the fact stands that we must be able to apply such actions in order to survive the rigging of life itself, first as individuals, and then as a nation.

As if to test our resilience and or ability to prove the purpose for this movement toward becoming the number one resilient, or is it the first Climate Resilient Nation, Dominica today suffers yet another onslaught of nature’s savagery.  Continue reading