Called To Be Resilient

Our Portsmouth

A word, an expression, a term I shunned, disliked and totally got a bit fed up of simply because it is being swung to and fro by our populace with good intentions in some circles, and with malicious intentions in others.

Still, I thought, if I seek to view this terminology in a different light, with new eyes, maybe it will make the necessary sense to me.  Undoubtedly there are many who share this sentiment of skepticism toward the concept, be them what they may – the reasons.

Resilient means “able to stand or recover quickly from difficult conditions ” – English Oxford Dictionary.    Despite how one may feel, the fact stands that we must be able to apply such actions in order to survive the rigging of life itself, first as individuals, and then as a nation.

As if to test our resilience and or ability to prove the purpose for this movement toward becoming the number one resilient, or is it the first Climate Resilient Nation, Dominica today suffers yet another onslaught of nature’s savagery.  I mean, we are a lovely island, we have beauty beyond measure on a sunny day, but alas when the clouds triumph and the waterholes open, we fall at nature’s sheer mercy.  Our fragility gets exposed like a barren forest, and we are left to start over, pick up the pieces, and to apply the same need to be “resilient”.  So like it or not, this word has its purpose in our construct, it has its role in our development, and it has its place even in our psyche.

Today, yes this 10th day of November, 2018, the metal of our resilience is being tested yet again, even as I heart-brokenly write this post.  Maybe I write it as a means to cope, – as an application of resilience?  Whatever the case, our Portsmouth flooded in quick time, by some heavy showers.  The threat of the lives of our citizens unnervingly upsets me to the core.  The need for quick and yes, resilient solutions are tremendous right about now, and we as a people must engage, act and even embrace the concept to pursue the fix – if  such exists or is attainable.

The days ahead will require clean up campaigns I bet, not just in Possie, but throughout our little island, for much was eroded, and many are left unsettled, cut off and probably even scared.

Lord help us!  Spiritual, emotional and psychological resilience are necessities for sure.  Pray for us as we must pray for ourselves.

Dominica, amidst our grappling there is the need to seek God diligently, humble ourselves earnestly to Him, implore His mercy, and do what it takes to please Him completely.  Each of us must examine his or her life and amend where necessary.  To be resilient begins with me. To be resilient, begins with You.  Let us be!

Resilient – we are called to be.

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