Protect Our Children! Penalize the Perpetrators

P1070759            Child Sexual Abuse – is a real and deadly phenomenon in our land.  Hiding it under a bushel will not do us any good, and our future generations will be unproductive if we fail to protect them.  The societal impact will be detrimental.

Child Sexual Abuse “is sexual exploitation or sexual activities with a child under circumstances that indicate that the child’s health or welfare is harmed or threatened.  This definition includes inappropriate sexual activities between children and adults.”) – Family Violence Legal, Medical and Social Perspectives – Harvey Wallace pg.66.

Two types of sexual abuse are extra-familial; (which refers to exploitative sexual contact with perpetrators who may be known to the child – neighbors, babysitters, live-in partners), and intra-familial (which includes incest, and refers to any type of exploitative sexual contact occurring between relatives). 

This recent abuse being discussed widely on social media, but which has occurred in our island is cause for concern.  This child unfortunately is being advantaged, and raped over and over again by the promotion of the video and the blames that are being placed on her.   Who is going to protect her?  Who is going to help her to regain her dignity, build her self-confidence and aim toward a productive and happy future?  She has been raped off her innocence, now she is being raped off her little pride by the horrific comments, judgement, and propagation of the disgusting evidence of this monstrous act.

Whoever the perpetrator is, this adult abused and violated a child.  He deserves to be prosecuted with haste and justice for the child’s sake.  Meanwhile, it is urgent that our laws be made to be more stringent against such crimes.

The powers that be need to step in and rescue this baby-girl.  Our little island does not even really afford such victims satisfaction; since if this culprit of a man is arrested and locked up, in a few years he will be back on our streets, while the irreparable damage done to this child festers each time, she sees him.

This little girl, like every other abused child in our land needs a strong support system to find herself, to discover that she is beautiful and clean; which no doubt at this moment she does not feel.  She needs to be protected from the trash talks, held in safety, affirmed constantly by her family (hoping she has one), and safeguarded from bullying.  She must be assured that this was NOT her fault, that she did NOT cause the act, and is in no way responsible for it.

Our unforgiving society will have a tendency to be devil’s advocate by reminding her of her past, not in any hope of her progress, but in hope that she might crumble and not rise.  That is the skeptic in me speaking I suppose; because I just want to hope that we can be caring enough to support those victims whom we know.

We must never forget that abused children suffer from low self-esteem, suicidal traits, emotional depressions, frustrations and confusions which are just some of the effects of various types of abuses as well.  This poor child is in desperate need of professional counselling so that she can be saved.  All victims of abuse of some kind really need the support and love of society on a whole.  That is a long haul!

In Conclusion, I dare say no one should have to live with such misery, the magnitude of which I was unable to capture within these few lines.    Advocacy against Child Physical Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Neglect and Emotional Abuse and the likes must heighten in our parts of the world.  Children deserve to be protected and preserved so that our nations and societies may be preserved for generations to come.

Let us keep advocating for the complete protection of all people, especially our children, elderly, disabled and or vulnerable individuals.  Hope all the players do their part – that includes the policy makers who hold the ability to make the difference.

Protect Our Future!

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